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Same with Rowan- face at boob level, pillow above my shoulder. I cover up his legs with my blanket too, but as he gets bigger that might change. Now that he's grabbing things I've changed the bed around so there isnt any loose fabric (pillowcases) to grab above his head and the side pillow has a blanket over it that is tucked in tight so he can't get it. He sleeps pretty much touching me all night and I think that's why he rolls over when I get up.

Most of the night I have my arm across his hip so he doesn't kick and fuss around. Like a human swaddle. If he's not touching me he wakes up pretty quick. His part of the bed is a lambskin, so it's kind of fluffy, that's why I have the to flip or not to flip question. I think I'm going to keep rolling him back to his side until he gets better at not pinning his arm down

we pretty much sleep the same way...i'd keep rolling to the side until he's good at rolling in both directions...but that's just me. i'm pretty much belly to belly and prefer it that way until they are ready to be far. it's somehow reassuring to me that all is well--and so i don't worry. 

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Callie is a multiple poops most days girl. Kassie was a once a weeker... I doubt my milk is any different this time; they're just different as babies. In the last week or two, poor DH has had a diaper blowout and a toddler potty miss: someone else has peed AND pood his pant for him LOL! Never a dull moment wink1.gif

same here, my ds was 1x every morning--very regular, and still is. my dd went many days in between poops...and though they've gotten a little closer, it's still not daily. and yes we often have to change her and ourselves too! but to be honest we have less poop leaks when she has on cloth diapers. 

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so, we almost have crawling (NNOOO!!!!) he can get his hands under him and get up, and get his knees under him and push, but not at the same time, which makes for a very frustrated bubs. 

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wow, already? Isn't that pretty early, Rainbownurse, or am I in denial as a first time mom that all that happens so quickly. 

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I have no idea? My MIL said Chris was crawling at three months. It's a little funny to watch, because he pushes with his knees and then rubs his face along the ground

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Crawling (if it happens at all) is generally a 6-9 month milestone, often later. My DD1 did the push-ups for ages before starting to army crawl. All is not lost yet!
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I agree, crawling at 3-4 months is very early!! (Of course I'm in the June DDC too and lots of their babies are on the verge) and more typical is around 6+ months. The lady that once was our nanny always told me, babies do things fast to move out of the way for the next one to come along ;-). Camden is not even close to this. He's only even rolled over 3 times from back to belly. Maybe C KNOWS he's the last one so he's in no hurry at all (:

AND hubby is having his vasectomy on Wednesday afternoon !!!
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A crazy thing has happened. Right as my husband started complaining of tendinitis from bouncing Julia to sleep, and right as I was beginning to wish I could afford massages everyday to soothe my shoulders and arms tired from bouncing Julia to sleep....


I still can't believe it. I was so excited last night, I couldn't sleep!

I wonder if she'll do it again tonight?
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Go, Julia! 


Clover did something similar this morning: I set her down so I could have breakfast while she played with a teething ring. She made a really cute sigh, so I looked over at her, she smiled and closed her eyes and threw her arms back. Asleep just like that!


Nighttime I don't want to talk about. She sleeps great when she finally goes to sleep, but I have not discovered the secret to making that happen peacefully. 

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Weston crawled at 5 months and that was considered early. It's sucked. Lol. He has always been a mover. I'm in no hurry for that to happen with Ruby. She can stay a sweet, *stationary* baby for as long as she likes! wink1.gif

Yay for babies going to sleep on their own!! Ruby did that once and Amelia came running over an woke her up. I could have cried!
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Zeeohee and Cynthia - I'm with you! Though I'm counting the times when I rub her belly and/or let her suck my finger as wins too. She seems to do best if she has something to hold. Just wish that were safe! I'm thinking of getting some small squares of cotton gauze and putting a seam or ribbon on it. The ones by Aden and anais are $$$$!
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Griffin fell asleep once alone right after i put him down in his bed and I was so ecstatic, I did a happy dance by myself in our house and text a picture to my boyfriend! He didn't do it again, boohoo. I think he is just trying to keep me on my toes. He rolled over onto his side yesterday though for the first time! Yay! Not onto his tummy. He hates tummy time so much, I won't be surmised of he is a late crawler.
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Um, *surprised not surmised..darn autocorrect.
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Callie is a mythical creature: a baby who doesn't often nurse to sleep. She goes down easiest while being worn: wrap, mt, ergo, whatever. If you walk fast at first, then switch to a bounce n sway motion, she's powerless to stay awake lol. The other thing is being put down while drowsy. Bassinet, mattress, baby rocker, playmat - it doesn't matter. She's fallen asleep in the little baby gym thingy with toys hanging over her. I'm now convinced that the sleep training advocates had a sleep anywhere baby like her when they came up with "put them down drowsy". My first wouldn't fall asleep outside the car (maybe stroller) unless she had a boob in her mouth. Funny how unique they are!
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We tried replicating the conditions for Julia to fall asleep on her own last night and it was a total fail. Oh well. 

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There is pretty major thumb sucking going on here, and rolling rolling rolling! From back to front to back again across the bed! Tonight rollin rowan got his knees under his butt and just kept on going until I reset him on the other side of the bed again and he rolled right back over to me laughing the whole time.

And all I could think (after kissing his little-big cheeks all over) was oh shit I have to start baby proofing this yurt. And that is going to be really really hard to do. Gaah. Rowan gets no floor time because every floor in this yurt is a thoroughfare, there is no real hang out space downstairs, no living room. Which also means that the floors are always always dirty. And seriously, it's the dustiest place I have ever lived. Not to mention...Legos! Everywhere!

This should prove interesting when crawling happens. By interesting I mean maybe not very much fun for the mama. But crawling is a coming. Like a speeding train.
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Mason sits in a high chair and a walker now. I'm sad, he is too big. He also puts all his weight on his legs and stands on my lap. He is 15 weeks, 26 inches 15lbs and 7oz
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