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I think the lact-aid system is easier to use, from what I hear. The formula goes into a soft pouch that I just tuck between my breasts into my nursing tank, and I don't tape the tube. I just prefill the bags and pack them in a Rubbermaid container with a frozen gel pack.
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So, how do you warm them up when it's time or does it just heat up with your body warmth? I should look into that.

I'm trying to figure out if I should reduce griffins formula intake so he nurses more and maybe my milk would increase but i dont want him to starve if its not! He takes about 1-3oz of formula each feeding, Except at night, when its only breast (because I get more full). It's such a catch 22. I feel like the midwife and doctor made such a big deal of him gaining weight at the beginning, that now I'm scared to reduce formula. But he always takes the same amount, so obviously my milk is increasing but not as it should be. The doctor said he is getting 60-80% breast milk, if he is taking 1-3oz per feeding of formula (he is 10.5 weeks, 12.13lbs). But the doctor sears book I have says 2months old take 3-4oz if they are strictly formula. Which would mean I'm not making very much milk. I don't get it. That's a huge discrepancy between doctor and book. Cynthiamoon, do you find your milk has increased with using the lact-aid or?
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I dont warm it up on the go and since it doesn't seem to bother her (or me) I've also stopped warming it up at home sometimes. As for my supply, I don't know if it's increased, but I don't think so. I am going to check again in a week or so, but at my first visit with an LC after getting it, it was still 1.5oz per session + 3oz formula.
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Cynthiamoon & Actiasluna how do you determine how much breast milk your babe is getting when you use the SNS/lact-aid? I'm having a hard time quantifying and the pediatrician thinks she's not getting enough food because she doesn't take much formula at the breast. Definitely less than formula from a bottle but not sure I can simply say the difference is for sure breast milk?
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Harmonious, I'm really confused about it and I don't know how much griffin is getting. I know that at night he feeds exclusively breast and often refuses a bottle outright. But in the day, he will take 1.5-3oz of formula from the SNS per feeding, leading me to believe that about an 1.5oz from breast. I have no idea though. I don't think there is a concrete way of known is there? I can't seem to get any into a pump but I can express it so...I have no idea.
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You'll need a hospital grade scale that uses grams. I've done this at my LC's office and get anywhere from 34g-45g in breastmilk.

Weight hungry baby (4060g)
Weight full supplementer (95g)

Feed baby with supplementer.

Weigh full baby (4189g)
Weight supplementer (20g)

Full baby (4189g) - hungry baby weight (4060g) = total consumed (129g)

Full supplementer (95g) - used supplementer (20g) = formula consumed (70g)

Total consumed (129g) - formula consumed (70g) = BM consumed (59g)

Convert to ounces:

70g formula = 2.5oz
59g BM = 2.1oz
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Great! I wonder why the lactation consultant and doctor never told me or tried this with us. Hm. I remembered how I have an idea how much breast milk he is getting (kind of) the dr sears book I have says 2-2.5oz per lb per feeding. In saying this, I realize all babies are different and eat differently.
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Lately Elliott has become a tired, screaming bubs when 11am hits. I am taking this a sign I should start putting him down for a nap at 1030. Previously he used to be awak from 8am-12, then sleep from 12-3 or 4. Maybe he's splitting his naps up now?

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I'd definitely be putting him down for a morning nap. I feel like 8-12 is a loong time to be awake! Ruby is only awake for about 2 hours before she's ready to sleep again.
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I thought so too, but he was totally content to be awake that long. Personally, I'd love for him to split up his naps. He hates napping anywhere but his crib. 

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I just read in this book I have that your baby should never be awake for more than 2hrs. Way easier said than done I find.
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I've read the same thing, but my midwife said as long as I wasn't ignoring his tired cues then he was fine to be up that long. I think he gets tired more easily now that he's doing more

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I agree, doing more mentally or physically causes a tired baby!! Camden gets tired after about 2.5 hours and if I don't get him wrapped up so he can sleep he gets cranky!! There are days that he will fall asleep on his own in his chair but that happens like once a week. We've been "power walking" regularly and he falls asleep in the stroller while we're out and about in nature. He also falls asleep in the car seat as long as he's not hungry. Otherwise swaddled up is what he wants!! Not sure how to stop doing this or when?!?!
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Elliott is the same Tenk, he has to be swaddled tight in order to sleep at all. I've heard of some babies still needing it well into months 4-6. 

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Eleanor too! I don't know how or when to transition from swaddle. She wiggles so much sometimes I find her face down in the crib in her swaddle which scares me, but she can turn her head from side to side so at least she is breathing. But still! She won't sleep for long without the swaddle though, just wakes herself up.

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Start swaddling one hand out? Iris only got fully swaddled for about the first 2 weeks, she really likes her arms out...
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Camden sleeps upright in his swing because of his reflux so I know he's not going anywhere LOL but I would be concerned about finding her face down swaddled up!! That's scary!! He does wriggle his arm(s) out when he wants them out though.
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My eldest was swaddled at bed time until she was 7 months old! I swear by a good swaddle. When I do it well and Ruby does escape from it, she'll sleep a good 5-6 hours now!
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well, it happened.  the baby threw up in my mouth, and all over me in general.  and then he smiled about it.  and then the dog started eating the throw up off my shirt.  it's a good day.

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Lmao, rf! Seriously, what a right of passage!
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