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flouride and breastfeeding

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so i have a minor cavity b/w teeth...i currently don't use and haven't in years, any products with fluoride.  my dentist recommended a topical fluoride.  i really don't want to use it nor want anymore cavities, 2nd one in 37 years!  plus, trying to conceive again.  I'm just not a fan of this stuff and think it's bad news.  any thoughts or alternatives?  many thanks.

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Hi! I'm not an expert on dental options, but I want to bump this for you. Hopefully someone will see it and give you some ideas!
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thanks mama, i appreciate it!

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If it's what you need for your health, I wouldn't let breastfeeding stop you from doing it. This article was recently posted on our La Leche League group's facebook page:




"The general takeaway message -- that most drugs are compatible with breast-feeding, that mothers don't have to wean to take drugs and that the labels should accurately reflect the science -- is really great news and progress for breast-feeding mothers," said Diana West, a lactation consultant and spokesperson for La Leche League International.


There is a Dental Health forum here on Mothering where you may be able to get advice on more natural dental care if that's what you're hoping to try.



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Topical Flouride is safe when nursing and pregnant. The amount you would be getting is fine. Obviously you should swallow topical Flouride. If you absolutely need an alternative there is xylitol you could try. The cost is much higher. Check out MI paste. They do sell one with no Flouride.
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