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12 Weeks with Triplets

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Hi ladies, 

We were shocked to find out we were pregnant 9 weeks ago after doing pretty good NFP and waiting for DH to be brave enough to get snipped.  Yesterday we found out that it is triplets!  This will be baby 6, 7 and 8!  Our others are 8, 6, 5, 3, 22 months. 

My last two kids were born at home unassisted in beautiful, amazingly easy births.  I sat in the office yesterday (with our very natural/homebirth advocating doc) and was told that there is not a doctor, as far as he knows, in our city who will vaginally deliver triplets.  He was going to do some checking.  

Given my super fast and easy birth history I can't imagine having a c-section "just because" if the babies are in good, head down position.  They appear to be fraternal, all in their own sac (they counted chorion and amnion) and were measuring the exact same and 'looked' great.  

I'm feeling overwhelmed for many reasons.  I read horror story after horror story after horror story of super early deliveries, long NICU stays, etc.  I am VERY accustomed to the challenges of medical issues (we have a terminally ill 5 year old, a 3 year old who went through an autologous stem cell/bone marrow transplant 2 years ago and a Type 1 diabetic 22 month old) but I just can't imagine with everything we have going on going through that.  

We welcome new babies as overwhelmed and freaked out as we are.  I just want them to be the healthiest they can be....just praying.  

Any advice or thoughts are welcomed! 

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Gosh, my signature is really old.  That's how long since I was on here.  

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Hi, I don't have multiples, but saw your thread and thought you might be interested in our Moms of Many group as well - http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/52/moms-of-many.

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Hi! I have twins, not triplets, but I've heard of several ladies who went anywhere from 35-37 weeks with triplets as well as having them vaginally. I can point you to a great facebook group if you want to pm me that is for multiples. Right now I guess just rest as much as you can and eat LOTS of protein.

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Thank you!  I am heading to the store soon to stock up a myriad of protein options.  I am pretty much starving 24/7.  I can eat a meal and be hungry while I am still eating and starving by the time I finish.  

I am in the Birthing Multiples Naturally group on FB and it has been helpful.  Is it another group?  

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I remember how that feels when you just have to eat all day... shoot it still sometimes feels that way when they teeth and nurse like every few minutes all day long! I have no idea if some of the moms are on that group but there is a naturally parenting twins/multiples group which some are a part of since they already had their babies. There's also a gal's blog I used to read who carried triplets pretty much term and breastfed them all. I don't think she had them vaginally but they were all good sizes and healthy. I knew if she could feed 3 then I could feed 2!! If I can find her blog I'll link it here.

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HIIIIII!!!!! You and I are going to be buddies, I can tell already. :p 


I have triplets who are 13 months, they are my 7th, 8th and 9th. When I was 12 weeks I was absolutely terrified and beside myself and probably still in deep and very unhealthy denial so I definitely understand that and want to tell you one thing: 


Its going to be good. ITS GOING TO BE GOOD. No one would tell me that, and I googled my butt off and not one person said that and it was all. I. needed. So let me assure you that yes its going to be hard at times and yes they will come earlier than a singleton (obviously) but its going to be fine. Whatever happens, it will be fine. 


I had my trips at 32 weeks because I went into labor. All three babies were breech and all three placentas (mine are frat so three sacs/ placentas- AKA tri/tri) had fused so we knew that vaginal birth was a total non-option. I was upset about that at the start of the pregnancy but moved past it as the pregnancy went on. They were 4'14, 4'10 and 4'14 and all 17 inches long. We had a mixed NICU time (one had a very short stay, two a little longer then the first got pertussis) but it was fine in the end. 


Your number one thing to focus on is rest, and food. Both together if possible. Being pregnant with triplets became my job from about 10 weeks on. I used a calorie tracker to watch my protein/ fat/ cals and I drank SO MUCH WATER. I was blessed with a support network that let me rest. I fully accredit this with having such fat juicy babies so early. 


Feel free to PM if you want some support or have any questions. There are some trip moms on MDC so someone else might come in. Your tasks for right now are just to breathe, then go get a bowl of yummy fatty and protein-y icecream, a glass of water and then sit down. :) Stop googling statistics on triplets!!! 

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I have twins, but there is a FB group called Naturally Parenting Twins that has triplet moms in it. Lots of topics revolve around pregnancy, so you might find it helpful, too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/54450817066/

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My trips are almost 4 (g/b/b). We also have 2 others. I went to 35 weeks (I do believe I could have gone longer had a doc not scared me into labor with a threat of a c-section w/o my husband - longer story). My trips were 4lbs, 4.5lbs, and 5lbs. My OB at the time in upstate NY had previously delivered triplets vaginally and was supportive of it under certain conditions - no previous c-sections and at least two babies in right position (not breech). I had a previous classical c-section so I did not qualitfy, but I did choose him because of his support for vaginal birth. Our NICU stay was brief - the babies came out strong. I ate a ton of protein. I ate everything in sight. I kept moving. I wish you the best of luck. There will be nothing like this. Try to cherish it. PM if you wish.
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Sorry I'm late on this. I don't get on MDC too often anymore. My GGG turned 2 in June & my older girls are 10.5 & 6. I carried them to 32.6 when my water broke. I did by a stroke of good luck have them vaginally. I posted a birth story at the time that shouldn't be too hard to find. After two years I can say that we are surviving and doing really well. Pretty much none of the horrible things I read about happened. My only complication was my cervix shortening to 1cm at 28 weeks leading to a hospital stay until they were born. That is par for the course with triplets though. Let me know if you have any questions.

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