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extreme dizziness

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I took my first test last night came out positive took another one this morning. My question is has anyone else experience extreme dizzy spells I am so afraid I am going to pass out. My husband even took my car keys away! The doctor won't see me for about another 4 weeks.
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i'm guessing for pregnancy?




I would get extremely dizzy while pregnant when my blood sugar dropped.  Which happened about ever hour ....so I had to start eating every hour and increasing my meat and fat intake.  Had to eat once or twice in the night as well.  

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Totally happened to me too, along with extreme hunger all the time the first couple weeks...followed by a few weeks of nausea. Eat more often and drink lots of water, and stand up slowly. Get fats and proteins enough to give lasting energy, and have fruit or something handy for quick blood sugar boosts

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thanks for the advice I did notice today when I was munching on some lunch meat that it helped my dizziness but then read that luncheon meat should be avoided while pregnant. Ill certainly try spreading my meals out more throughout the day and seeing what happens smile.gif
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Welcome raccoongirl and congratulations on your pregnancy! You'll definitely want to join your Due Date Club where you can chat with other moms due the same month as you and get the support and shared experiences that help us all through pregnancy. You'll find the Due Date Clubs here http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/tagged/tag/2013-due-date-clubs  love.gif

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