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I gained between 25 and 35 pounds with #1 (didn’t have a good pre-pregnancy weight, as we didn’t realize until after my first weigh-in with the midwife that our home scale was not working correctly).


Funny thing is, we had purchased a new digital scale and it quit working with pregnancy this time, too! Guess scales don’t like having to do the work for two! LOL


I’m in the overweight category, but I do know this time pre-pregnancy weight was between 180 and 185 pounds (considerably less than the 200 or so which was pre-pregnancy #1). At my 14-week appointment I was 184.6, so I’d say I haven’t gained so far, although I’ve definitely redistributed – a bit more in the belly, a bit less in arms/etc.


Based on this redistribution, and lack of weight gain but every indicator that baby is doing great and growing, I’d also agree with previous posters who have mentioned that weight gain probably isn’t the best indicator of progress/development.

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Yeah, probably none of those people have any idea how big someone "should" be with twins. They're just talking out of their butts. I was always entertained in my first pregnancy when someone would tell me that I was carrying big and then someone else would tell me I was carrying small. People just want to say something and so they say whatever comes into their head. 

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I gained 35 lbs with my first pregnancy, 30 lbs with my second, and 20 lbs with my 3rd.  My weight gain was really slow last time, I remember that I hadn't gained anything by the time I was 20 weeks.  Consequently, baby #3 was/is also a peanut compared with the others. 


This pregnancy is following a similar trend for me as it did with my last one.  I haven't gained anything yet, and I'm 12.5 weeks.

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Just had my 16 week appointment...by 16 weeks in my first pregnancy, I had gained 11 lbs. This time, I've gained 2 lbs.

Then again, last time I had swollen ankles and feet starting around 16 weeks, and this time I'm not swelling up at all! What a difference water weight makes...
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alaura, water weight is huge -- I had preeclampsia in the last couple of weeks with my first, which made me retain 2-3 lbs of water daily and got me to a 50lb gain. I peed about 28 lbs by the day after the birth.


at 16w tomorrow I am still at having lost 5-6 lbs. But I see major redistribution, so the baby is doing her job of taking what she needs.

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1-2 lbs at 16 weeks.  I have about 60 lbs to lose, so I'm really hoping to have very little weight gain in this pg, I have more than enough stored to support a pregnancy! ;)

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I have been feeling a little bit big for where I am in my pregnancy (compared to my previous pregnancies) and made the mistake of mentioning it to DH. Who suggested that I intentionally try and lose weight. He said that my arms looked unhealthy (I take that to mean fat!) and then he went on and on about fat accumulating around my organs and how uncomfortable I was going to be with all kinds of indigestion issues as the baby grew and pushed all that fat up. At 15 weeks I weigh 115lbs. I was 105 pre-pregnancy. I am 5'1" tall. The baby is a boy. I have always gained more with my boys than girls.


Yes, this is a cry for reassurance about my weight. I thought I felt ok about it, maybe a little self conscious but I guess I have issues.   

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Um, you should probably ask your dh to keep his unfounded opinions to himself... Wow.  What an awful thing to say to a pregnant woman!

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I would have punched him in the nose... wow. 

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I completely agree with the others! As long as you are doing your best to eat as well as you can (and that can be tough!), I'm sure you are doing just fine. I feel like weight gain is so subjective. You should certainly not be trying to lose weight!!!!!!!! That wouldn't be good for either of you! 


Keep your chin up - and keep eating! I'm sure you're just beautiful.

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patti I agree with the others. I'm sure DH ultimately had your best interests and the baby's best interests at heart but that definitely came out the wrong way and you should let him know you didn't appreciate it. I have an inch on you and was about 110 pre-pregnancy and I'm probably approaching 115 now at about 15 weeks so I'd say you're right where you need to be! 105 is very slender, even for your height, so your body probably put on 10 pounds because it needed to! I'm sure you look great.
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I have an inch on you and was about 110 pre-pregnancy and I'm probably approaching 115 now at about 15 weeks so I'd say you're right where you need to be! 105 is very slender, even for your height, so your body probably put on 10 pounds because it needed to! I'm sure you look great.

I agree. While I think it can be important to listen to our care providers on weight gain (and it can be important information for them to track, as it can be an indicator of issues such as excess fluid, etc.); as with so many other factors of pregnancy, weight gain is only useful as a piece of the overall picture of a pregnancy. In most cases, your weight gain will be "what's needed."


With my first pregnancy, I started in the obese category and gained around 35 pounds by the end of pregnancy (much of it in the first 20 weeks). I didn’t feel I was eating much at the beginning of pregnancy, but by the end of the pregnancy my portion sizes did get much smaller in general, because there just “wasn’t room!” So, I guess my body just knew it needed to stock up at the beginning when there was still room for food!


Currently in my second pregnancy, I’m at 17 weeks and haven’t really gained a pound, yet I feel like I am eating all the time. My pre-pregnancy weight fluctuated between 180 and 185 pounds (putting me firmly in the overweight category at the beginning of pregnancy) – at 14 weeks I weighed 184.6 and at 16 weeks I weighed 183 pounds. But I know I’m eating so much more, development looks great and I can definitely see the “redistribution” to baby, so I just trust that this time my body is asking for what it needs and using it more efficiently, rather than storing it for needs later. I just have to trust that as baby grows I’ll be able to keep up with eating what is needed.


I asked my midwife at my last appointment if there was a point in pregnancy when I needed to begin worrying about my lack of weight gain, and she laughed at me! That was before she reassured me that it’s obvious that I’m getting plenty of exercise (I had my 17-month-old daughter with me at the appointment), and that while they like to see 25 to 35 pound gains even in overweight women, that US and fundal measurement showed that development was at or a little ahead of schedule and there was no real cause for concern. I laughed with her and told her that was good, since I felt like I was eating all of the time (and plenty of red meats/high calorie foods), so I really didn’t know that I could do much more than I was doing to gain if I needed to!


My point: In some ways, I’m feeling just as self-conscious about my lack of weight gain as other women do about their increase in weight gain. I definitely find myself worrying more about the lack of weight gain so far in this pregnancy than I did about the speed of weight gain in my last pregnancy – my mother always gained quite a bit in all three of her pregnancies, so I anticipated substantial gains in my own pregnancies. I hope we’ll all learn to trust that as long as our other markers are on target, that our body will know what gains are needed (or not) in order to take care of our little ones!

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I started at 107lbs and I am at 116.8 as of today (18th week) I weigh myself every single day. I guess 10lbs is ok so far...and i am not worrying too much about it...just hoping i can keep food down as I am still fighting morning sickness (or should I say all day sickness)....


I want to eat tomatoes and fruits all day long, the first few weeks all i could eat was rise and potatoes...it's weird....

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20 weeks today! Have gained about 2 pounds, although I'm getting quite rotund now around the tummy. Boyfriend is enjoying watching me change shape. Not sure why I haven't gained more, maybe it's just my body responding appropriately because I was about 185 to begin with and it's the first time in 15 years that I've not been on some kind of a diet.

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oh and Pattimomma - Just to play devil's advocate, I think sometimes men say stupid things to feel involved and like they have an element of control over pregnancy, because they're very much just third parties. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get cross with him about it, it's a very thoughtless thing to say to a pregnant woman, but I wouldn't take it to mean that you don't look beautiful <3

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I'm 19 weeks tomorrow and have gained about 5 pounds. Feeling ok about it as last time I had easily gained 15 lbs by this point! The variance in "normal" gain is huge, if you are eating right any amount should be fine.

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I am freaking out about my weight gain.


I am 6'0" and was obese (236.5) before my pregnancy. My naturopath had told me that if I were able to get pregnant, I should try to gain zero across the whole pregnancy. She also told me in January my progesterone was too low for me to get pregnant because of a chronic illness I had been battling. (Lesson learned - it just takes one unprotected romp, even at age 36! We were stunned and thrilled!) 


My midwives are completely loosey-goosey about weight gain (and almost everything else). I don't think they'd care if I gained 100 lbs. That kind of (lack of) guidance isn't really super helpful.


The last two mornings I've been 244 - up 7.5 lbs in 17 1/2 weeks, when I was supposed to gain zero in 40 weeks. ACK!


I have been exercising pretty much everyday and more vigorously than I could before I was pregnant -- I think the pregnancy has trumped a lot of my chronic illness symptoms. I will walk for an hour or do an hour of power yoga, etc. each day. I haven't had dairy, alcohol, or the long list of foods I tested sensitive to for nearly two years, and haven't had any refined sugar or gluten for well over a year. I eat pretty much nothing but organic whole foods. I don't know what to do to get my weight back down without harming the baby, and I worry about the harmful effects of my weight on the baby during pregnancy, birth, and on my ability to be an active, engaged mama.



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How the heck are you not supposed to gain weight during pregnancy??? I mean, hello...there's another *person* growing in your abdomen with its own 2 lb external organ (placenta), you are doubling your blood supply, you are undoubtedly retaining water as your body and hormones react to the enormous changes taking place, not to mention the increase in breast tissue...

It sounds like you are doing everything right, and the last thing that would be healthy for you or your baby is to lose weight.

I'm sorry, surprisedx, but what planet is your naturopath on? I would trust the "loosey goosey"-ness of your midwives and kick your naturopath to the curb...at least until after the baby is born!!!
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I think she has in mind that my endocrine system has been so wack for 2+ years that even though I eat better than pretty much everyone I know, my weight just stays flat (at obese). She said that it was likely just to stick like that until my system had some kind of a jolt, and that pregnancy is the perfect example. So I think she is imagining that after the baby comes, if I could give birth at 236, I could reset somewhere around 220 and start toward a normal healthy weight (like the 180s) while I breast feed. Apparently it worked for her when she was pregnant. I don't know. She's really well respected -- kind of the Sherlock Holmes of chronic fatigue and adrenal problems in my city. Sometimes I wish I could get all the different specialists in a room to argue and figure out one thing to tell me. They never seem to agree with one another!

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Forgive me if this is too personal, but if you are eating healthy and obviously have enough energy to exercise, what is the problem, other than according to the statistical averages, you are considered obese? Can't it be possible that you are simply built to be a larger than average Amazonian Wonder Woman?
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