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We received this from YouTube this week. Just wanted to share it as a resource for our homeschoolers and unschoolers. :)


Back-to-school season is in full swing and everyone is reminded about the importance of a good teacher.  They can transform the learning experience.  Now with YouTube EDU some of these superstar teachers are as close as the nearest computer.  Not only are they driving views in the U.S., but many of them have attracted a global following.  With these superstars part ofYouTube EDU, it’s not surprising that it is one of the fastest growing areas of YouTube. Below, please find our top 5 superstar teachers on YouTube.


1.    Rob Bob / Tarrou's Chalk Talk

What started off as a way to help his students at St. Pete High School when they were having a hard time, or if they had missed class, has now gone worldwide. Mr. Tarrou of "Tarrou's Chalk Talk" started filming energetic math lessons from his house. Those videos have now been seen in hundreds of countries, hundreds of thousands of times, From New York, to Hungary, to Israel, Rob has over 3,000 subscribers and it is still growing.


2.    Jennifer Recio Lebedev / JenniferESL

Located in Boston, Jennifer is a mother of two, and a former classroom teacher. She has YouTube students from every continent except Antarctica and has even received a marriage proposal from a grateful student. At over 30 million views, she is teaching English to a huge worldwide classroom.


3.     Alex Dainis / Bite Sci-zed

Alex from Mansfield, MA is "a biology nerd, music lover, film geek, and stress baker with an uncontrollable urge to teach you awesome science!" The ideas for her YouTube videos often come from conversations she's having with her friends, like  ‘why do we get brain freezes when we eat ice cream too fast and why do we sneeze?’


4.    James Earle / Amor Sciendi

High School teacher James of Southampton, NY describes himself as "a Renaissance nerd with limited mathematic ability, but a love of collaborating with mathematicians." A few of his students from History of Math course encouraged him to start a YouTube channel on art history so he could meet Vi Hart (a famous education YouTuber) one day. His students helped him start the channel and even taught him how to use iMovie.


5.    Keith Hughes / Hughesdv

Keith is a public school teacher in Buffalo, NY, who began using videos in the classroom in 2002 as a way for kids to express meaning in Social Studies. He now has over 100 videos covering topics in U.S. History and Government, Political Science and World History.




About YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU (www.youtube.com/education) is a free resource that provides educators a place to find curated content as well as share videos of their own.  Videos enrich the classroom setting; help spark conversations; make theoretical concepts come alive; and tap into the minds of visual learners.

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This post is so timely, as I just signed up for youtube.edu last night.  However, I'm a bit befuddled by the whole thing; I'm not a regular Youtube user, so the concepts of creating playlists, looking at other people's playlists, and subscribing to videos is a bit foreign.  Can someone tell me how exactly you use Youtube.edu? 

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Super Cool! Thanks for sharing. 

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Great info, thanks!
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