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^ See, that's just it. Since doctors are not a monolith and health recommendations vary vastly, perhaps the advice shouldn't be so much "ask your doctor" as, "Consult a wide variety of sources, including perhaps your doctor and other doctors."

I absolutely agree.
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Hi everyone, so sorry I've been MIA on this thread. The last few weeks of life have been a bit...crazy.

Anyway, I am going to read through everything posted.  Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

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When making a decision regarding vax, the product information insert that comes in the box for the vax is a must. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I took up that reading material and cross referenced it online (looked up the MSDS sheets for specific ingredients, etc). You can find them online too.

Best wishes
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I definitely agree with the other mamas about reading the package inserts. What helped my husband & I decide was to also read the vaccine ingredients. Take each ingredient & research it separately to learn the side effects, risks, etc. It's very eye opening.


Both these links are very good!





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