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Diaper Bags?

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After three children, I'm wanting a new diaper bag for this next baby. But I'm considering just buying a nice purse/backpack instead since this is likely our last baby. Ideas? Ones you loved (under $50 please)?

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Not backpacks but I love both my skip hop double duo and my ju ju be "be spicy". Both can be under $50 used on Ebay which is where I got them. Roomy with lots of pockets. Since I'll only have one in diapers this time and I'm not using cloth I'll probably mostly use the ju ju be.
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Diaper bags resell well if they are in good condition so I don't think its crazy to buy one for this baby and then sell it in a couple years.
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I usually have a big purse or a bag if I go anywhere anyway.  I love the big bags from Papaya Living.

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I have a cute backpack from 31. I really like it, cute pattern with lots of pockets. I think it was 30-40 and after I dont need it for diapers itll be great for the beach or day trips
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Just when I thought I'd never want or need a diaper bag, there's Petunia Picklewhatever on Zulily this morning...with the cutest satchels ever.  If only I had $100!

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The only ones that I've truly loved have been my JuJuBe bags. I have a BFF and a HoboBe. I love them both and I've been very happy with the splurge on both of them. I'm not the kind of person to spend money on myself (seriously, I buy one pair of shoes every two years (the same flip flops), and only buy my clothes and makeup/nail stuff on clearance) but I think they're worth it. You can find them used sometimes and might be able to hit that $50 price point.


Mothering › Groups › December 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Diaper Bags?