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If you have had more than one labor, how were they different?

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If you've had more than one labor, what was each experience like? Were they relatively similar, or drastically different? 

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Mine were relatively similar in how they started (my water broke at 4 am and contained meconium) but the first one was twice as long as the second. I had back labor with the first as well, and not with the second, and I had natural birth the second time around.

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First labor was 24 hours from first contraction, but only 8 hours of hard labor in the hospital.  She was posterior and had a nuchal hand.  I felt like I was in transition, being slammed from the inside out, for about 8 hours but I never had the urge to push.  Pushing took 2-3 hours.  My recovery took a long time.


My second was also posterior, no nuchal hand.  Labor was 12 hours from the first contraction, but my contractions never got regular, or painful, until the end.  I had less than one hour of hard labor that started about 10-15 minutes before I got an uncontrollable pushing urge.  Pushing broke my water and she was out in half an hour.  My recovery was very quick.


I'd been told to expect a fast second labor, but I expected it to be as hard as the first.  When I had the painful contraction, I immediately decided that even though things weren't regular, I was going to the hospital for pain management.  I was trying to put my shoes on when my daughter was born.


They were the same in that they were both quick, and that both babies were in the same OP position.  Tore and needed stitches both times.  Different in pain levels and perceived difficulty.  They were also different in outcome.  My difficult labor resulted in a healthy living baby.  My easy labor came with a cord prolapse that caused injuries to my daughter and she died.  I am expecting a third baby next April and all I know is that anything can happen.  

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First labour: about 12hrs pre labour 8 hours active labour (including almost 2hrs pushing) baby normal presentation. Third degree tear

Second: no pre labour 3.5 hours active labour. 3 pushes in 6 mins. Baby was posterior and stayed OP the entire labour despite attempts to rotate baby. This was hands down my easiest and least painful labour despite baby's position. Second degree tear.

Third labour: day of false labour, on again off again week contractions followed by almost 3hrs of active labour including 20 mins of pushing. Baby was normal presentation, this was my most painful labour but I barely tore. Only 3 stitches!!!

All babies were born 9-9.5lbs, full term spontaneous, unmedicated births.
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#1: 39+1, started with ruptured membranes, 12 hours of very early labour, 8 hours of more active labour (but 4cm to pushing in 90 minutes) and 50 min pushing. Nuchal hand slowed pushing down. 6 lbs 14 oz.

#2: 39+3: 14 hours early labour, ruptured membranes then 1h active labour, 3 min pushing. 7lbs 6 oz.

The second was much faster, but the pattern of gestation, early labour and quick progression from truly active labour was similar. The *hard* part of both labours was similar, as was my coping techniques. During my second labour when the first really hard contraction hit I said "now I remember what labour feels like". The experience felt easier because I was sure things were moving quickly which made it easier to cope with the intensity.
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