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Favorite infant care/child development books

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Hi mamas!!


I'm looking for recommendations of good infant care and child development books.  I feel like I've read so much about pregnancy and childbirth, but need some more information about what to expect from the baby I will soon be caring for.  Some resource that I can go to when I'm thinking (read: worrying) "Is this normal?" or "Should I wait a couple days or call a doctor now?" or "How do I introduce foods at 6 months?"


For those who are already mamas, what books and resources did you find most useful for this?  For the FTM, have you already gotten any books or found resources that seem particularly good?



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My go to book is The Baby Book by Dr Sears. Its the best. If I could only have one baby care and development book, that would be it

I also enjoyed the No Cry Sleep Solution when i started trying to get DS to sleep more consistently. And the Happiest Baby On The Block is a good read especially if you have a high needs baby.
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we got this book for our baby shower: 


Caring for Your Baby and Young Child - Birth to Age 5



it looks like a bible, is equally heavy, and seems very comprehensive. people have given us other books like "baby's first year", a book about breastfeeding, etc, but i personally prefer to have everything in one place. since i haven't used it yet, i can't tell you if it's actually any good.. but maybe others know it?

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The Baby Book by Dr Sears here too.  Also found The Nursing Mother's Companion to be very helpful on breastfeeding and referred to it often with our first and at times with our second.

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I love the Dr. Sears book too! In fact there is a whole series of books that they write and I plan to add more to my collection.

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I think the big reason I love the Dr Sears book over most other baby care books is it is very attachment parenting friendly. Lots of discussion on babywearing breastfeeding and a variety of sleeping arrangements. Too many baby books preach CIO methods and they make me cry!
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Well, you guys must be on to something because at my MW appointment today, guess what book my MW loaned me?  Dr. Sears' The Baby Book.  It seems pretty great.  Maybe I'll magically get a copy of it at my baby shower tomorrow, but if not I think I'll head to the used book store to see if they have it.

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It's funny; I never did get Sears's Baby Book. But I had his one specifically for Attachment Parenting and one for high need babies (my first son was colicky and it was a hard time). They were very useful. The Happiest Baby on the Block was the MOST useful book for the colic thing. I still have the No-Cry Sleep Solution, but sadly, it didn't really work for us. In the end, my kids continued to wake up in the night till they were weaned, and they slept in our bed even longer. And we're okay with that. It was difficult with #1, as it seemed like we HAD to "solve" the problem and we wondered if it would ever end. Once we got through that, there was always that light at the end of the tunnel for #2, and now with #3, I'm just not gonna sweat it. ;) We'll just do what works.


As for online resources, this site's message boards were awesome. smile.gif

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