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What is your daily make up and jewelry routine when you are with kids?

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Does is change over the weekend and weekday?


I was decluttering the other day and found some make up and realized that I haven't worn it in years. I stopped when I was so busy with littles and just never got back to it. Jewelry the same thing, earrings that could be pulled out I set aside, but I still wear rings and bracelets and necklaces.

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Most days, I don't do more than brush my hair. If I'm going somewhere, I put on a necklace and earrings -- usually the same set every day, until a different set becomes my new favorite. I only wear makeup if I'm going "out," like date night or a special event. And that's more than I did before I had kids.
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I don't wear makeup, and I often don't put on "new" jewelry.  I have jewelry I wear all the time:  two rings (including wedding band), two captive bead rings in my lobes, and a stud as a second lobe piercing.


My jewelry usage went down after my kiddos were born, due to them grabbing at everything.  My makeup routine didn't change much since I only wear the stuff on super special occasions, like weddings, or just when I feel like it.  If I think about it I'll use a pwder foundation around my eyes to brighten them up.  But in order for me to get a smooth finish on my makeup I have to do a full exfoliation, and that's just too much work for every day makeup.

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I haven't worn jewelery other than my wedding ring since DS was born, and haven't owned makeup in years. I have the feeling I would be described as frumpy. orngtongue.gif I kind of miss being able to wear jewelery without fearing for my safety, but I figure it's only for a few years.

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No daily makeup routine here. I only wear makeup if I go out sans kids, which pretty much never happens, so I never wear makeup. Same deal with jewelry with the exception of earrings... I wear the same ones everyday. I don't even blow dry my hair after a shower. It's quite long so it's really not necessary anyway. Before kids, I was working full-time so things were much different then.

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I only wear make-up on special occasions, which happen rarely.

I wear my wedding and engagement rings all the time. I always have earrings in but usually the same pair for months at a time. If I remember, I put my watch on before I go out so I don't have to get my phone out every time I want to know the time.
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I wear several rings and bracelets but I never take them off. The earrings I wore for a long time were gauged but started poking d.s. so I took them out. I think I want new ones but have to find ones that I really really like.

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having a child did not change my makeup or jewelry routine.


normally i dont wear any makeup except for somedays when i feel like makeup.


i have always worn bracelets in both wrists. a bunch of them. never took them off for dd. had to for the csection but put them back on afterwards


where any jewelry is concerned i have always hated changing everyday. i change maybe once every 4 months or so. i have worn the necklace i am wearing for the past year. never taken it off. replaced hanging earrings with studs. wore stone necklaces that dd teethed on. 


if anything started buying makeup when dd was a toddler and loved makeup. instead of getting her kids ones, i bought good quality adults ones. so by now i have quite a collection most of which i have never worn. 

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Don't wear makeup or jewelry (except a wristwatch). Never did. So my "routine" is the same as before kids.

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I never wear makeup except occasionally if I'm in a wedding or something like that. For jewelry, I scale way back when I have babies too young to understand not to grab and pull, so I only wear stud-like earrings, my watch, rings (wedding ring plus one other) and sturdy necklaces if any necklace. Once they understand to keep their hands off Mom's jewelry, then I start wearing everything again.
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I've never been super into makeup, but I've always worn a bit and that didn't change after kids. A dusting of powder and some mascara are my everyday makeup -- for special occasions I'll add a bit more, but I don't really know how to "do" eyeshadow other than just sweeping a neutral color on. I sort of wish I knew more about makeup.

I've never really been into jewelry. Usually I wear none at all, but lately I've been wearing a ring on my wedding finger (my wedding band is too small, but I like the symbolism of wearing something there), and since I usually wear my hair back I've started trying to remember to wear some dangly earrings (nothing super long or fancy) so that there's something framing my face. But usually I forget -- as I type this, I'm realizing that I forgot today. Oh well. smile.gif
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Yeah, babies pulling on earrings is why I generally stopped wearing them. Now I can't find any I like! Lol~

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