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Renal Dilation?

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I just got back from my Dr. appointment where we discussed the images of my 20 week ultrasound. He said everything looks great, EXCEPT that he noticed a little bit of renal dilation. I believe he said that means the tube connecting one kidney to the bladder is larger than it's supposed to be. He said it's mild enough that it should correct itself, but I need another US at 28 wks to check on it. 


I didn't ask as many questions as I should have because I was unprepared. But from what I understand it means there is a block in the tube that lets urine down. Is that right? I am concerned about any tests and procedures that my baby boy will have to go through after birth if it doesn't clear up in the womb. 


My husband has always been more prone to uti's than most men, and a few years ago had to have a long surgery to reconstruct his urethra, because there were blockages in it. So is that a coincidence or is this genetic? Should I tell my OB about my husbands history? I don't want to over-worry and do unnecessary tests on my baby, but I want my baby to be okay! Kidney infections can be fatal, right?


Does anyone have any experiences or advise on this subject? 


I am freaking out a little!

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I think it could be genetic and if it is you can see that your husband has survived . Doesn't sound like anything grave so I don't think its time to freak out . But easier said than done I know .
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Plus the hazy pictures of the ultrasound ? Might be nothing .
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Oh, Tiffa! Certainly not what you wanted to hear, mama. Any news about possible abnomalities is scary!! I would call your OB on Monday to request that he/she call you to answer further questions. I'd make a list of what I want to know, what I'm afraid of and things to share (like info about DH). I hope it is nothing and sounds like your OB isn't alarmed (which is great news) but hard for you to sit with for weeks waiting. Big hugs to you!
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My DS showed this on the 20 week ultrasound. By the time they rechecked, all looked well and there was no sign of it. My guess from talking with folks in the medical field was that it could just be part of normal development that, taken out of context, could look like an issue.

Still, I know the worry you feel and I'm sending thoughts and prayers!
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Thank you all. I really know that it is probably nothing to worry about, but I still do. It's funny because I am a really laid back person usually. I guess I am really a mom now! It's nice just to have your support and reassurances. I will update when I find out more. I got so caught up in the moment that I totally forgot to ask the questions I wanted about cord clamping, etc. Haha! So that update will come later as well.

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Hi Tiffa, our 20 week u/s showed the same thing. It was 5mm, which isn't much but still showed up as a concern. The midwife was very reassuring: She said it could be something as simple as the baby holding in urine due to being startled by the u/s itself. We are having a second u/s this upcoming Tuesday (29 weeks) to check in on it again (and to confirm that my placenta is now clear of my cervix, as it was slightly previa before)... Will update this after then.

From what I understand, if the baby's kidney(s) are still showing dilation this week, then the docs will want to do an u/s directly on the baby sometime in the week or so after birth, and then discuss surgery options if there's an actual deformity. As the genetic testing we had earlier didn't show anything that's usually correlated with kidney deformities, the midwife says this is very unlikely.

Hugs! I know it's stressful... Have faith.
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Hi again! I just got a message from my midwife, with my ultrasound results, so thought I'd update you: I'm now 29 weeks, and the u/s showed that there is still renal dilation. So, as I expected from what I was told before, the plan is for baby to have an ultrasound directly on the kidneys in the week or so after birth. My midwife was very reassuring that this is common, and probably there isn't anything wrong. I'm feeling good and calm, and doing my best not to worry... Because there's nothing I can do to change things now anyway... And I'm trying to be zen about everything these days... om.gif


I hope your next u/s shows no dilation! Let us know how it turns out...

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Granite  I'm so glad your MW was helpful and reassuring. Wishing you lots of continued calm  om.gif and sending good vibes your way!

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Thank you, SparkleMaman!

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