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Anecca, it's the worst place to be in, knowing your in a bad situation but knowing if you left it could be  worse for your child. I completely agree that having courts deciding what happens to *your* child is not a good feeling. In fact I think the courts are kind of doing the wrong thing in some situations. They are so supportive of uniting unsafe parents with their biological child at the expense of the child. I wish you the best of luck~

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I totally agree Sativarain1. The thought of having to possibly drop my daughter off for supervised visitation at some " visitation center" makes me cringe. I swear I did not in any capacity realize the gravity of marrying and procreating with the wrong person. I wonder to myself how many people are stuck in the same situation. I am also so curious about what a happy marriage feels like. I would love to hear truthfully what that means- a happy, healthy marriage. I don't think I have experienced it or witnessed it around me and I'd like to seek that out if and when I have another chance.
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I required supervised visitation when I divorced my exH who was an alcoholic. I named his parents and his siblings as possible supervisors. No over nights unless he completed a recovery program and could provide himself sober. I have acted as the supervisor and I allowed my own sister to be the supervisor once. But you do not want to end up the sole supervisor.


To answer your question, it is from my experience that YOU and your attorney provide the names of the possible supervisors. A document to that effect is drawn up by your attorney for the Judge. Likely, no Judge or anyone wants the supervision to take place at a facility of some sort if it can possibly be avoided.

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