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It seems like we may end up doing a little bit of PBH in our "new" HS'ing adventures. DS has been telling me for nearly a year now that he really would love to play a concerto/solo piece with orchestra. He just finished learning Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch, and this morning he said again he wishes he could play it with an orchestra. So suddenly I had this idea, and kind of started thinking about that idea out loud, with him. I was just thinking that maybe, if he wrote a letter to local directors of youth orcestras (to start, and maybe a couple of community orchestras if that doesn't work out), about that wish, one of those directors might go for it. He was so enthusiastic, right away. He worked on it for more than an hour, on a word program on the computer, this afternoon, and has some really good ideas. I told him I'll help him a little bit, giving him some ideas here and there if he needs them, or if I really feel that he left out some important details. He also came up with the idea to record a video of he and his dad (on piano) playing it together, putting it on youtube, and mentioning the link to that video in his letter.

Last year he managed to get a scholarship from the youth symphony he plays in for their summer camp, by writing an essay!

I think that's a really cool project, and it would be so cool if he actually gets to play it with an orchestra at some point!

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ewink and sweet silver, that is great how you've been able to use PBH ideas in your homeschooling.


DD is going full bore with her sewing now that Halloween is just around the corner. I was amazed at how much time she devoted to it this past weekend. Tomorrow we are doing an extra PBH day so she can finish in time. :-)


DS got hopelessly lost in his project, lol. He's making a video game using Scratch. He has a tendency to wander off in digressions and then forget what he was doing. We decided to start over again and this time have made a plan and list of items so that we stay on track. I've found that I need to stick my nose in things a bit more than PBH recommends but he is autistic so he needs a bit more guidance, lol. I think a bit more control is good if it helps him figure out how planning works to help reach goals. 


He also said something really funny to me today when we started. He asked me to stop saying that everything he does is "great" (god, I so didn't think I was THAT mum, you know?), that he was "too old for that", lol. He just wants "my honest opinion". Okay! :)

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