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Saturn Returns?

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I'm just curious, how does a site like this one http://www.astrocal.co.uk/saturn-return.php calculate the saturn return begin and end time frame. If someone was born in March of 84 why would their saturn return calculate to be only 1 month and happen a month later than someone born in May 84, whose cycle is projected to last 8 months?! The person born in March is older, wouldn't make more sense if theirs started before? I really don't understand astrology, anyone into this and able to clarify for me?

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It just does not make sense to me (the website). My saturn return lasted about a year. Humm,anyone else?

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seriously, nobody? surely someone here knows about saturn returns?

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Hm, as far as the Saturn Return, I know it happens roughly every 28ish years and generally coincides with major transitions in your life.  Things don't tend to settle down until the age of about 35.  Z. Budapest tackles this quite well in her book Summoning the Fates.  So that's the astrology of it - how it affects us.  I know mine definitely lasted from 28 to 35, and that's when I hit a bunch of major transitions: becoming a mom, divorcing, remarrying, etc.


I think this site is calculating the astronomical aspect - the exact amount of time it takes Saturn to transit from where it was when you were born back to that same point in space.  My guess is the month time frame is just how long Saturn is in that particular area of the night sky, but that the month as nothing to do with the astrological influence.

Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks for chimining in! I loved her book and I should go find it and read it again! That was one of the first ones I read when I first heard about saturn returns about a year ago. I am fascinated with this subject right now, and I'm very happy that I discovered it before mine started so that I could be more aware of it. My family and friends won't even humor me with talking about this and think I'm just being superstitious and weird, but it makes sense to me. My mom had her 4th child right before her saturn return and then divorced my dad right at 30. She thinks it's just a coincidence, but I say it was sr! Either way it needed to happen.


And what I really find interesting and confusing right now is how these dates are calculated. jinxie cleared it up a little but I still don't understand. Two celebrities recently killed themselves, at 29, right before their saturn returns, and then my friend is 2 months older but yet hers doesn't start until later. I'm listing birthdates below in case anyone knows anything about this and can help me understand this better.


Gia 12/20/1983 (starts oct 2013 - ends nov2013)

lee 2/1/84 (nov 2013 start and ends)

me 5.18.84(starts feb 201-ends oct 2013)

friend (nov 2013 starts and ends)

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As I understand it, many suicides happen in concurrence with the Saturn return.  Very sad. 


I think, perhaps, there is some variation in Saturn's orbit - that it's not a static, set distance each time it completes a full orbit.  That may account for the variation in returns.  I did try finding the answer, but all I'm finding thus far is "29.45 years".  So the idea of the amount of time it takes to orbit the sun is just a guess.  Any astronomers out there?  ;)

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