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Emergency help!

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I am not going to be with my twin 11 month olds for about 4-5 hours tomorrow ( very long time apart for us) long story short I have no pumped milk, pump not working etc. so what does my husband do? Should we just give food they eat okay? Should he buy formula for the day? Thoughts?
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They aren't going to starve in 4-5 hours.  It sounds like there are other foods that they eat okay--so I'd just plan on feeding them right before you leave, feeding the twins the foods that they like while you are gone, and then feeding them when you return.  

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And have him keep them as busy and distracted as possible!
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At that age if they are eating some solids I would have thought they would be OK for that amount of time. Though mine would have probably had a night of "catch up" feeding.


Do they drink anything else? if not I'd be thinking about making sure they had enough water from the food they will eat. Would they be OK with ice? I've know a few people make toddler ice lollies using an ice cube tray and plastic spoons for the sticks.

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Thanks! Everyone was fine ! Just stressful for me.
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