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still pregnant!

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I'm not normally one to complain, I went 3 weeks over with my daughter, and I am only 3 days over now, but I am a midwife (more reason I should know better) and I go back on call Sept 4! I just want to have this baby already.
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I'm a midwife assistant/student, having my 3rd.  I know that the 3rd especially throws women for a loop (but somehow expected that wouldn't be me!) I am also 3 days over and feeling so fed up.  I've been having prodromal-ish stuff since the end of July, and it is really wearing on me now.  I've been 4-5cm since Aug 5th, and am now 6cm and like a bowl full of mush in there.  Get out of my body, dear child, dear child.

Can't believe you are back on call Sept. 4th.  Your mamas are lucky to have someone so dedicated!

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Still pregnant. Having sex everyday. Hypno babies at night.  1 ctx all week. I think its only fair that if one baby goes over, the next should go under. Not how it works, but still. 

Ran into a friend of a friend in the grocery store today who told me to eat green chili, and as soon as she left I burst into tears (3 times) in the isle. WoW. Hormones. magic things.

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Hang in there!!!

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Still pregnant. 40 weeks 3 days today. *sigh*


Come on, full moon, work your magic!

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Full moon didn't seem to work for me.
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I still have 6 days til my due date and I will technically be going into labor for the first time so I expect to be late.  The thought of crossing over into September just sounds hard though.  Just trying to rest when I can and take it a day at a time!

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Originally Posted by cardigan View Post

Full moon didn't seem to work for me.

Me neither. Had midwife check today out of curiosity. Head really low, 0 station, 70% effaced, almost 3 cm. So conditions are favorable, if nothing else...storm front rolls through overnight tonight, and DH is going to be accosted whether he likes it or not...
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Hey, full moon is still in effect for 24 hours or so...

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dr checked and I'm at 0 cm dilated! Baby is snug as a bug. Keeping the 29th as possible induction date, but nothing decided until then.
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Cardigan, I was 0 cm dilated a week before labor began on its own. Just remember that things can change quickly! Sending you spontaneous labor vibes!!
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Full moon sucks!!!


I was 0 CM dilated the morning I went into labor with my second and I had a quick/"easy" 8 hour labor...

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Calladona, that is so reassuring to hear! Having lots of BH contractions this afternoon, hoping they turn real tonight. I feel bigger than big right now & I really am interested to see how big this boy is going to be!
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Well, my bp got a little high in the heat over the weekend so we stripped my membranes and did castor oil. STILL PREGNANT. Bp is lower now...
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Good luck conniebonnie!  Stay hydrated!

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Thinking of you Connie.
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