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Any tests you are specifically avoiding in last 12 wks?

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I think I am going to skip GD test (tested negative with other 2 pregnancies and no history in my family).   I am on fence about GBS... Not sure on Vit K yet for baby but rest no way.  


What are you avoiding?   

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Pretty much everything winky.gif


I do want to be tested for GBS (such a simple no evasive test anyways). If I'm positive I can treat it naturally and likely clear it up before delivery. If it stays positive I won't use antibiotics but a Hibiclense protocol which has been proven to be just as effective. 

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  Hmm, the nst, u/s, and gbs if they ask about it.


 I think they ran the gbs back when they did my pap.  Which almost doesn't make sense because I was in 2nd tri, but my mw was specific about saying they'd run the test together so they didn't have to do another internal like that.  I did the gd because I had to eat breakfast anyhow :)  I'd have refused if it was the glucose drink and they wouldn't accept a meal.  Unless something extreme happens, no nst, no u/s, no doppler, nothing else.  No vit k, had to sign a waiver last time.  


 Speaking of doppler, Sila you're a doula, has anyone refused doppler during labor?  I know they get a quicker hear, and my mw said they'd do it sparingly, but I could swear they did not use one last time.  I would have remembered hearing the hb, and I wasn't so focused on labor that I missed it.  I'm positive she used the stethoscope.

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We aren't doing sono either. We do let her use doppler since kids wants to hear the baby.    


I haven't had anyone say they don't want doppler in labor. And my HB MW says she will need to use it sparingly.


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Hippy - No, I have never had a homebirth client refuse doppler (hospital would most certainly not allow it either). It's the fastest way to get and count fetal heart tones so it makes sense that it is used to me during labor. It's also much easier to use if the momma is in the water! I know in our state everything has to be very well documented and charted and that heart tones must be documented at least some how! I'm fine with the doppler being used for short periods during labor. With DS I was 7cm when my midwife arrived and first checked me and listed to the baby and it really wasn't too long until he was born so it didn't have to be used to much until pushing. I'm hoping it works the same way this time :)  During pushing, most midwives I have worked with listen for heart tones at least every 10min for safety and documenting reasons. Maybe you didn't hear it because they usually use it very quietly during labor so as not to distract the laboring mommy?


There is some kind of California newborn screening (I can't remember specifically for what, some kind of blood diseases?) that legally is pretty hard to avoid. It's just a heel prick so I have no problems with that. Can easily be done while baby is nursing. 

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Sila- Can I ask you why you are doing the GBS out of everything? 

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Originally Posted by Meksmama View Post

Sila- Can I ask you why you are doing the GBS out of everything? 

Collecting a sample is very simple and non invasive (a swab that my midwife will let me do myself) and the actual test is pretty specific in that it's just testing for GBS and the result is either positive or negative. Treating GBS naturally in order to clear it up before labor is also simple and non invasive (a supplement and herb type protocol) so to me personally it seemed a little irresponsible not to know if it was present if it is fairly easy to treat. My best friend's cousin's baby also died of GBS which is extremely rare, but slightly freaks me out. Another reason I would like to know is IF a transfer situation became necessary and I was positive, I have had extreme reactions to antibiotics (I would probably just refuse antibiotics anyways ha). 

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Sila-me too.  Allergies to abx I mean.  


 I forgot about the metabolic test.  I can't remember if we did it last time or not, or if she used cord blood, instead of a heel prick.  I know they did it with ds1 since we were in the hospital.  Don't know state laws, how accurate/when the test really should be done-birth or later-have to look more into it.


 Maybe they did use the doppler only real low.  I remember she listened once, because baby came right quick.  

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The GD will be tested for using a home glucose monitor for 3 days that I'll use myself after my meals for a few days, so I'm okay with that.  I'll definitely do the test for GBS, but my midwife has a pre/probiotic regimen that she has her clients do ahead of time, and she's never gotten a positive.  I'm already on it to see if it helps with my heartburn so I'm getting a head start.  We will have one final ultrasound at 36-ish weeks just to make sure the cyst is still not going to interfere with the delivery, and I'm okay with that, too.  Make sure the baseball is still just a baseball. haha  I think we're going to pretty much refuse everything else for myself and baby.  Eye ointment, vitamin K, hep B.  I think I have no choice but to get another HIV test in the 3rd tri, but that's fine.  It's a blood draw from me, not the bieb.  It's blood coming out, not something going in.  My regular doctor is pushing me to get the pertussis vaccine, but I'm not going to.  It would keep me from getting sick (allegedly), but it wouldn't stop me from carrying it so what's the point?

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Ultra, I wouldn't think your mw would bother you about a pertussis vax, but a hospital sure would, as well as the flue vax.  Last pertussis cycle that came through, everyone I know who had it was full/partial vax, so...It's due to come around again, so we'll see who gets it.

  Ask about the HIV.  My mw asked me if I wanted it checked again when they sent my third tri labs out and I said no.  It was no big deal.

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I'm avoiding the GD test although if push comes to shove with my mw I will do it.  I am still just so sick in the morning that the reality is that I will more than likely through up the ghastly liquid anyway.  I'm past when I should have done it anyway and mw does not seem bothered by it.  I do tend to have "large" babies  ( 8 lbers at 37 weeks) so I know that if I start measuring any larger than I am right now (35 at 29 weeks) they might persuade me to do it just to ensure there's not an issue.  Although I plan to tell them that this is just the way I grow babies :)


We don't do the hep b, eye goop, or vit k for baby when it's born. 

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Ultra- Can you share the regimen she is putting you on? If I decide to get test done I might try that just to make sure I will test neg again.


Starfish- If they push you to have it can you ask for other options? Grape Juice, jelly beans, or just a meal???  

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Sure, Meks.  Basically it's a prebiotic and a probiotic once daily.  These are the ones I'm using.  I already had a probiotic so I just kept up with the same one, but since I'd never heard of a prebiotic before I got the one that she sells in the birth center.  The prebiotic is a powder that I add to liquid, and it's actually pretty good.  It smells and tastes like vanilla, and it's only 1tsp a day.  I've grown to like adding it to chocolate milk (my current craving).  lol.gif


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Thanks!!! I just ordered a probiotic and guess I will try to order a prebiotic.

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My midwife doesn't even do most of the tests.  :)  I do turn down the doppler during visits, but I don't mind it during labor.  By then the baby is so big that I don't think it's going to do any damage.  (I think the risk is pretty small during pregnancy too, I just prefer to err on the side of caution.)

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 My mw brought up the gbs test today and said we can refuse anything we wanted as long as we understood the risks.  So I'm doing the pre/probiotic route.  She said they recommend all the women take probiotics the last month anyhow, just to help prevent infections and keep balanced.  They would want to interfere if water broke and baby wasn't born by about 12hrs after, with abx.

  The only other stuff from now is opting out of nb stuff like Vit K and the heal prick.  They do the heal prick after 24-48hrs and baby is nursing well, unless the ped does it.  

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Just curious why one would want to avoid the metabolic screen?

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