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welcoming my twins!

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I have been trying and trying to get over here to make this post, but it has been really challenging having twin preemie newborns and not much time for typing. Also, my DW has been organizing all the photos, so I didn't really have pictures and I know those are the best part. 


My water broke on August 13 when I woke up. Baby A was still breech, so we ended up with a c-section a little early. the boys were born squalling at 1:58 and 1:59 pm at 36weeks and 4 days gestational age. We were so lucky that they were incredibly healthy and neither went to the NICU. They passed all of their tests for preemies and we came home from the hospital 2 days later.  Now, holy crap, we have babies! I posted their full names on the facebook group. w


This is Baby A. He was 4lbs7 ozs, small for gestational age, but otherwise perfect. We call him Memphis. 




This is Baby B. He was 6 lbs 1 oz, the younger brother by a full 60 seconds. We call him Otto. 




They are delightful little men. Breastfeeding preemie twins is really, really difficult, but we make progress every day. Otto grew into his cloth diapers today, but Memphis is going to take a while. 





OK, more later!! xo.

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Oh they r soooooo cute, such little personalities in their faces already
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Congratulations! I'm glad everything went well and that they are healthy. They're such cute wee boys, and are making me want to meet mine even more! I hope the breastfeeding continues to get easier; it's difficult enough with one baby! 

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They are so so cute. Congratulations to you and your wife! That's great they were both able to go home with you so soon!
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Congratulations to you and your family!  They're adorable and I love the names!

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I'm in love! Such beautiful boys. Sigh.
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Oooo! I love the extra pictures! They are truly adorable. love.gif


I gotta say, you are a champ for breastfeeding preemie twins. That is so great. It has to be a huge challenge, but it will be worth it.



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clap.gifBig cheers to you and your family!!!  What adorable little boys, and as serena said, what personality in such tiny little faces.

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mrsandmrs I have been waiting anxiously for word of how things went! Your boys are both so handsome, very glad they are home with you! Kudos for breastfeeding them both, Im sure they will get into the swing of it quickly!
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Omg they are so dang cute. I'm so happy for you and your wife and their big brother! You are amazing for sticking with and working through breastfeeding twin preemies. Congrats! This makes me realize how excited and ready I am to meet my little lady smile.gif
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Awesome pictures, such expressive faces! Enjoy your newborns!

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OMG!!!  I'm not usually a 'baby person' but they are so cute and expressive!  It's making me feel more ready to meet mine. :D

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OMGoodness!!!! So cute!!! Congratulations!! Must be a dream come true to have them home right away.
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So cute! I love how they each look slightly different and so expressive. So glad you guys are already home and getting to know each other. Good luck with breastfeeding!

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They are precious!!! Congratulations!!!
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what cuties!  congrats to you and your wife!!  wishing you well as you learn the ropes of twin care - can't imagine that is easy!

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OOOOH! I want to squeeze them!!! They look so happy and healthy and it's the greatest thing ever to read that there was no nicu visit. My DH said WOW what a great size for twins. They are Perfect! Congrats!
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Congratulations again Mrs&Mrs!! I've been enjoying all the awesome pics you've posted on FB smile.gif oh and I am in love with their names!!
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I love the pictures!! Congrats again, mrsandmrs, you've got some precious little guys there smile.gif
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Congratulations to your family!!!

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