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I don't see a whole lot of discussion on this, but does anyone teach Latin?  I love Latin (and particulars of Classical ed.) Anyone want to share favorite curriculums?  We have done both Latina Christiana I and II.  My 9th grader will be attempting Henle for her first year of high school.  I am learning right along with her.  Here are a few games for learning Latin and why learn Latin.

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My oldest has been doing Latin since the third grade (is going into seventh this year). We used Prima Latina, then moved to Latin for Children.

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Well i studied Latin to degree level.

I used it to help my dyslexic son learn to read when he was around 8 and that worked well, although not sure how much Latin went in for the long term. We got through Minimus and Cambridge Latin book 1 and then stopped after he proved utterly unable to deal with the death of pretty much everyone at Pompeii. Minimus 2 also rubbish IMO.

Our options are different as we are in the UK, so in my mind it makes sense to use books that draw on our Roman history. We live at the northwestern frontier of Roman civilisation so there is a lot of interesting stuff. Plus we are entirely secular. Dd, who is 8, might want to start Latin one of these days and I would use Minimus again then CLC but then if she was serious about it, or if ds wanted to go back to it,I would supplement with a grammar book, probably Galore Park.
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