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Leigh, my DH has not had any leave from work (he owns his own business, so couldn't), but on Saturday a.m. we had "Meet the Teacher" at the pre-school DS will attend two days a week and a birthday party and getting the two kids taken care of, dressed, fed/nursed, not scream-crying, etc to get out the door by 9:30 am totally shocked him. He forgot his wallet, phone, watch... He kept telling everyone we'd had a very bumpy and unusual morning. I told him it was not at all unusual and I thought it had gone rather well since we got where we were going (and all alive!). I think it was a good eye-opener that being a stay-at-home mom takes some serious mental and physical stamina.
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Banana, *hugs* I am still pregnant too.  So done.  So so done.  Chiro today and she said that I had "no more room".  She did pressure points to induce labor and said many of her clients go into labor within 48 hours of the points/adjustment, so I am hopeful, but not that hopeful.


Not much else to report on.  Lots of BHs, very uncomfortable, SPD flaring again (for the first time in a LONG while).  Got some more misc stuff done today and hoping maybe if I finish up random TODOs, baby will just come...  

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LeighPF - "pin the boob on the baby" made me laugh! lol.gif I needed that.


Crafty - I am lucky enough that my DH had to stay at home for awhile when he was unemployed...with an infant and a 3 yo at the time. It has made him very appreciative of all that I do. He claims he just kept them alive and somewhat fed!


My due date is tomorrow. NOT happy I am still pregnant, I have never gone this late. My MIL has to leave Tuesday and I fear I won't have any help after the baby is born if she waits too much longer. Trying to keep busy and not think about it. I had my midwife appointment and I am only a little over 1cm and my cervix is very soft but still long and posterior. I know that can all change quickly but I thought all these stupid contractions were at least doing something. They did give me an herbal/homeopathic treatment to try if I want so maybe tomorrow I will try that and see if it helps. One minute I am at peace with going over my due date, the next I just want to cry at the thought of everyone going home before I even have the baby and being left on my own with 3 kids post partum.

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We are making progress! I met with my IBCLC today and tandem nursed. They got 30 ccs and 22 ccs respectively neither using a nipple shield. They're both still gaining very well and I am pumping over 33 oz /day the last 4 days. I am renting a scale now so I can to pre-post nursing weights throughout the week.


I'm sorry for all of you getting weary of being pregnant! It's not easy having premature babies and it's not easy going late.

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Good news, Edelweiss!
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So glad to hear about a small victory, Edelweiss!
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AWESOME news, Edelweiss!! I'm so glad to hear that the twins are gaining weight nicely, and that you have the use of a scale to check their milk intake.
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Crunchy, that was me on Friday. Done and really worried that my two weeks of help was out the door in a few days.

I made a plan and that helped me feel less panicked. I had an extra MW visit, made progress, got acupuncture and lucky tacos for dinner. Midwives were on their way to deliver C by midnight.

I still wish I had more help from my parents now, but husbands leave now covers the first week of school.
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I have to sit down after about 10 min of doing anything because I get winded :/ But I'm cleaning my house.

I've just declared that I'm going to start a complicated and multi-day sewing project. That should bring a baby on for sure.
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I have to sit down after about 10 min of doing anything because I get winded :/ But I'm cleaning my house.

I've just declared that I'm going to start a complicated and multi-day sewing project. That should bring a baby on for sure.

I am the closest to nesting that I think is possible for me. I did a bunch of filing and want to rearrange our paperwork system! And did laundry and put it away. And broke the paper shredder and managed to get some but not all of the cat hair off of the hospital bag and need to wipe it down with cleaning wipes. it is either nesting or what happens when you've run out of trashy library books to read. I want to get the guest bedroom looking a bit more habitable today too. So we don't need to run around trying to find the sheets that fit that bed when my mother arrives post partum.
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I am doing my version of nesting too.  Finally finished tagging all the stuff for consignment, washed our sheets (after a mini freak out because my husband was irradiated for a bone scan yesterday), generally just organizing and cleaning here and there.  Oh and sewed a few blankets for my 1 YO so hopefully I can wash his beloved blankies. ;)


Tomorrow (if tomorrow comes without baby), I plan to get to work with my mom and deep clean the house.  I have a list a mile long... :p

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Over did it and now flat in bed with angry abs. I think I should just spend tomorrow in bed. C is a great bedfellow, sleep, nurse, cute staring face.
A friend put this on FB today nd I thought I was great. http://www.thedailybeast.com/witw/articles/2013/08/15/america-s-postpartum-practices.html

We did get newborn pics done by a friend. Wrangling the big kids was an adventure. C did great, but she is a big girl and ones not curl up quite like the peanuts. She is also extra pretty, not a red wrinkles cone head.
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Leigh - we had newborn pics done last Wed. I have been checking my email all the time because the photographer said a week to a week and a half and he'd have them on his website and email me the password to our photos. I'm so excited to see them. Sorry about your abs and the pain!

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Sounds right painful Leigh, I hope you're feeling better.

I will be 41 weeks tomorrow, which would be fine, but my MIL is coming Wed. XP I'm feeling a little screwed. Maybe she'll take it upon herself to go visit her own MIL who lives a few townships over. But I can't ask her to go. It's like, "I'm going to have 50 people here, but I just don't want you..." SIGH. I am totally screwed on this.

Let's go baby, time to vacate!
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Banana - yeah it sounds like it's time for your baby to come!


DD has vomited twice this morning. She feels fine she says but just throws up. Ugh. I hope it's not contagious. she hasn't left the house since church on Sunday.

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I know we are all near the end - is anyone else STILL gaining weight?  On top of feeling frustrated at still being pregnant ("due" tomorrow), I cannot believe I'm still gaining weight.  I've gained more than any other pregnancy and it's still not slowing down!  My weight gain always levels off at the end and I've been known to lose weight too!   This is so so discouraging.  I know that my weight gain isn't totally unreasonable (I'm at around 32 lbs now), but d*** it I just didn't need this to add to my other frustrations.  :( :(

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I gained until the end, food just looked good.
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Today is my 33rd birthday and this is my birthday cake

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Adorable, Crafty! I turned 33 a few days ago too! Love your cake! <3
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Originally Posted by skycheattraffic View Post

Adorable, Crafty! I turned 33 a few days ago too! Love your cake! <3

We're running on the same clock, Skycheat. smile.gif Happy birthday to you!
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