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almost 23 weeks and miserable

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So I am pregnant with my third child...my oldest is 18 and my youngest is 6...so it has been awhile since I have been pregnant, yet I don't remember feeling so miserable this early with the others.

Not sure if it is my age (36) or having been pregnant before or what it is but I was curious if any others were experiencing the same.

I am beginning to feel I am a miserable pregnant woman :D

I am small boned and tall, and was fairly skinny before getting pregnant and now my stomach feels like it is being so stretched.

My ribs ache constantly. All food takes hours on end to digest (I do take a digestive enzyme), I have acid coming up, my belly aches, I am short of breath and I basically feel like I did when I was on the homestretch (last month) with my last pregnancies.

Is anyone else this miserable?

I find that I am also very tired. Haven't really experienced that second trimester burst of energy.

I lay around alot and haven't been able to keep up on my house work or much else.

It is starting to depress me- not only because I am constantly miserable and feel unable to contribute much, but also because I have got 3 1/2 months left and I cannot imagine feeling worse.

I have been walking/hiking 2 to 3 times a week for about two miles and this helps but most days this is a daunting task.

Anyway, would love to hear how you all are feeling at this stage.

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I am feeling much better in terms of digestion and acid this pregnancy than others, which I contribute to not eating gluten this time.  

Sorry you're feeling so crappy.

I am just so excited to get to have another baby, I'm pretty happy to be pregnant.  

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I am happy too!!! but it has been a rough one. Some people tell me its because carrying a girl there are more hormones. Idk.

I was unable to keep food down the first 4 1/2 months and so I was excited for the 5th month when I thought I would feel better.

Fingers crossed it'll get easier. It definitely makes it all worthwhile knowing my little girl will be in my arms soon.

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This is my first pregnancy, and I am wondering where that mythical burst of energy and good appetite is.  I have morning sickness worse than I did in the first trimester, and now if I eat food to make it go away, I get vicious heartburn. But if I wait too long to eat, I get heartburn from that too, plus the nausea.  So I've more or less been eating food very slowly and carefully, every two hours, which means I need to spend a ridiculous portion of the day preparing and eating food. And I really don't like food any more at all. Dealing with food prep all the time is taking pretty much all of my energy.


It's very frustrating, you're definitely not alone!

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I really feel it is very difficult to pinpoint why one pregnancy is so different from the next. I can tell you I also feel like the stereotypical irritable pregnant woman.  With DD, I definitely had a much easier time and a LOT more energy. With my little boy now, I feel like I'm dragging myself from one day to the next. I also walk a lot (no car) but it's not really helping much.  And when I check Wikipedia, I have a lot of the prenatal-depression symptoms. Even though I don't think I'm flat-out depressed (more like completely taxed), I'm planning to bring this up at my next appointment, maybe I'll get some free therapy...


BTW did you get your iron levels checked? I told my OB how crappy I feel and she ran an iron blood test but I won't know the results until this week. I've been looking very pale too. I started taking Floradix anyway last week and now I'm feeling a bit better.  At least better enough to get some stuff done around the house. But I'm still losing my temper with DD way too often and it doesn't help that she is becoming very opinionated about how everything needs to be done greensad.gif. HA! I used to tell my father when he'd be frustrated with me that "I didn't 'inherit' this stubbornness from the neighbors." Well, I can see him saying now "Payback time!". footinmouth.gif

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Ah, that is awful. Big hug your way! It is good to know I am not alone.

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I probably should get my iron checked out. I have been as diligent as I should with my prenatals.

I was worried I was suffering with a bit of depression too. I think bc I feel so awful I am not as active as normal

and this has gotten me down.

Fresh air and walks help!

Its getting closer, that is what I keep telling myself.


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I just got my iron tested because I've been having dizzy spells and lots of sleepiness....and my iron was low just like with my last baby, in spite of prenatal s and trying to eat lots of meat, legumes and leafy greens. It's pretty common in pregnancy actually!
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Hi! I am new here, but I just wanted to give you a shout and say I empathize with you!  I feel like I could have written that post.  Feeling all the same things you are, I am 23 weeks, expecting a girl (first child), I'm 35. 


I don't really have much to add, just wanted to let you know you are not alone.  We can do this, though!  One step at a time.  :)


ETA:  I did just start taking an iron supplement, Floridix, it SEEMS to be helping somewhat, the last couple days have been not so great, though.

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You are definitely not alone.  This is my first, and while I did have a few weeks of feeling good and energized when second trimester started, it was short lived.  At 24 weeks, my joints ache, ribs feel compressed, I'm tired, and don't even get me started on the constant heart burn, lol.  My iron has been a little low, so I've started taking the Floradix as well.  I thought all of this fun stuff would take at least a few more weeks to kick in, but apparently not. 


Hope all of you ladies start to feel better.  We are getting so close, can you even believe it's gone by this quickly?

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I've been experiencing quite a bit of fatigue, but I've chalked it up to low-iron, just like all of my other pregnancies.  I'm eating more iron-rich foods and it is helping. 


For indigestion, I drink apple cider vinegar in a bit of ice water.  I try to make sure I get a tablespoon or so in a day.  It makes a *huge* difference.  The other option would be to take ACV tablets, but I like the water.  It sounds crazy, but helps!  


I hope you start to feel better soon.  It is such a disappointment to feel awful for the first 16 weeks hoping for the 2nd trimester relief and then not get it, mama!  

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