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"A good birth"

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I am really interested in reading this book!



From the interview

I conducted a large study called The Good Birth Project, in which I asked a wide variety of women to talk about their births, what made them good, what made them bad. Their stories are the basis for A Good Birth – are gorgeous and full of wisdom and insight, and together point toward a better way of thinking and talking about birth than what we have now...
....what struck me time and again as I listened to women was not what distinguished one birth from another but what they had in common, which boiled down to five key elements.
1. Agency:  a good birth is one in which we have a hand in shaping, that is informed by the things we value – a birth in which we feel involved and present.
2. Personal security:  a good birth is one in which we feel safe and secure, in trustworthy hands.
3. Connectedness: the degree to which we feel meaningfully connected to our loved ones, our care providers, and of course our baby.
4. Respect: a good birth is one in which we feel others respect us, our newborn, and more broadly birth as a meaningful event in our lives.
5. Knowledge: a good birth is one in which we have enough information before and during the event that we have a sense of what is happening and why; but it also depends on the wisdom we garner by virtue of going through it. As you can imagine, these things can all be cultivated no matter where you give birth (home, birth center, or hospital) and no matter how (vaginally or by cesarean).  I explain the myriad ways that women have found these things in births they’ve experienced, and can clear the way for them as they look toward giving birth in the future.
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Bumping up your post! Thanks for sharing.

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That is really interesting! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to look into that book. A book that was really formative and important to me with my dd's pregnancy was "Journey into motherhood: Inspirational stories of natural birth." It's really beautiful to read because every chapter is simply a different mother's own writing and words detailing her own personal birth story. It helped remove all my first-time mom birthing fears, and empowered to know that I could have a beautiful experience.

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