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Cloth Diapers

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We used cloth with our first two, but we really don't have any left after this long.  A couple of baby gifts I have purchased have been for Flips.  I like the idea of one size. 


What do you ladies like?


We used prefolds and pro-wraps before, which were pretty simple.


I might even do some all-in-ones this time, not sure what are good brands.

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We usually do flats with some AiOs once the baby is big enough for OS diapers. Since this is likely my last I might spring for some cute newborn AiOs though smile.gif. I really like the WAHM made Chelory diapers for AiOs.
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I did BGOS with my first, and Sunbabies and alvas with my second, and I actually liked the sunbabies and alvas better. Excellent quality for very little money. I'm gonna stash up on a few more once we know the sex. (not that I have a lack of cloth diapers over here. lol.)

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I did prefolds with my son for a few months, but we fell off the wagon. He was a heavy wetter and we were constantly changing diapers. With this baby, we're going to invest in a stash of good pocket or AIO dipes. I'm leaning towards Bumgenius but I'd love to hear from BTDT moms.

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We had night leaks (day was fine) and frequent rashes with BGOS. I don't know why.

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I've used cloth on all four kids. In that time, I've found my favorite for newborns is the gDiapers newborn bundle. I use a prefold (preemie in the newborn covers, infant in the small) inside and they just work perfectly. So we'll be purchasing one of those this time again. We'll probably stick with gDiapers and prefolds for the newborn/small stage, and move into fitteds/prefolds with wool or pocket diapers as they get older and wiggly. For pocket diapers I buy the cheap "Happy Flute" brand off of ebay. It's a Chinese brand, I believe. I pay $50 for 10 diapers with 20 inserts. They work as well as the name brand American pocket diapers I've used (BG and Mommy's Touch mostly) and way better than the Happy Heiney ones we started with when dd1 was a baby!
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We used prefolds in the beginning, then mixed in some AIOs (Nana's bottoms--they're an awesome deal and really sturdy.  Just take a long time to dry.), and eventually used Kawaiis (which are basically knock-off BGs).  The Kawaiis always ended up stinking and giving my kids rashes.  We ended up using sposies after a year or so, usually.

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My Mom paid for a diaper service for the first 2 years last time, so that was awesome! It really forced us to use cloth no matter what. They provided the prefolds and we used SoftBums and Grovia covers. The SB were great when she was little, but the velcro eventually died on them. While I didn't like bothering with the snaps on Grovia at first, now that she's a toddler they're great. They also look just as perfect as the day we bought them 2 years ago. I also like the fact that all of our covers grew with her from newborn to toddler, so we didn't need to replace them as we went along.


We probably won't have the luxury of a diaper service this time around and there's only one washer in our 16 unit building, so I'm not sure if we'll continue with cloth. We'll see.

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For DD we are still using cloth so I'm definitely planning to keep it going with #2. For the newborn phase we loved our MotherEase Sandy diapers (I got some secondhand XS Sandys from craigslist and they were in awesome shape and so adorable and tiny!). We had some Nana's Bottoms AIOs too but they were terrible for poop leaking out of them and didn't seem to hold a huge amount of pee either so I sold them off as soon as DD grew out of them. I'm thinking about getting some THX newborn AIOs to try (they're like a direct-from-China diaper that are like Lil' Joeys). We only have 20 of the XS Sandys so I'd like maybe 10 more diapers of some type.


For bigger sizes we used MotherEase OS and size S fitteds + covers, some size Small FuzziBunz, and then I got a stash of mostly Alva and Kawaii pockets. I love the Alvas, they are cute, cheap, and hold up well, plus don't have the leaks around the legs that my Kawaii's seem to be prone to. I think once the little one is out of the newborn sizes we will be set for Small and then One Size diapers so won't need anything else there.


I'll have to see how our wipes our doing when we get closer, they are just one layer of flannel with folded/stitched edges and seem good so far, nice and soft, but I know flannel can start to thin eventually. We have a couple of zippered wetbags, a diaper pail liner, and a diaper sprayer (worth it's weight in gold btw!).


Now if only DD would be kind enough to potty learn before the newbie arrives (she will be 3) I would only have one baby that needs diaper changes. I can dream, right?

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I love Softbums. So far, the velcro is hanging on pretty well. I also really like Kawaiis with the bamboo inserts, for when babe is bigger. The bamboo inserts are so soft and super absorbent. I detest microfiber. It was the source of the stink problems for us. Just could never get it clean. Once I switched to all bamboo inserts, I never had a problem again.

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When I was pregnancy with my first, we bought several different types of diapers from eBay, so we could try them and see what me liked before committing to any one "system." I definitely recommend this approach if you are new to cloth diapering!

With out first, we ended up using mostly prefolds inside Bummis covers, even as he became a toddler. We also had a small collection of Fuzzi Bunz that were mostly used at night and some fitteds that were great big and thick like towels, inside Motherease covers, also for nights.

With our second, we EC'ed, but she still wore diapers. That meant she was often in a prefold fastened with a Snappi and no cover. When we went out or we needed a cover for whatever reason, ease of removal was most important! So she was usually in a tri-folded prefold just laid inside a Velcro-closing cover. The Velcro from our DS's Bummis was wearing out after a while, but they are so much faster to take off than covers with snaps!!! I will have to do some Velcro reconnaissance before this baby comes... As DD got bigger and we weren't so often in a rush to strip her down and potty her, she wore the Fuzzi Bunz a lot.
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We tried a few different ones and have stuck with the fuzzibunz perfect size - I think they are a bit expensive at the start but then again, we have been using our size medium (which I bought used) constantly for over 3 years through two children and they are still in relatively good condition.  We got a newer washing machine that is a front loader and I do miss the ability to soak the diapers, and once or twice we had bad rashes when it was really hot and our kids would wet and not wake all night but overall, I've been pretty impressed.  I think cloth would be really hard without your own washing machine - all power to you if you can do that!

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I should add that we always double the liner in the fuzzibunz, as the single liner seems kind of useless except in newborns or during the day.

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We started with prefolds+thirsties cover and XS FuzziBunz then moved to OS FuzziBunz. I love them except for my nighttime woes. We tried wool covers over happy heiney hempy and had big ammonia problems, we tried motherease airflow covers and he got horrible red marks from the elastic.

Finally we resigned to stuffing layers of hemp in the FuzziBunz pockets. I am worried this will tear the stitching eventually. greensad.gif

I can't imagine going with disposables at this point. We have been on two domestic trips and two international, including one on a ship in the baltic sea for a week. I feel we can conquer anything with enough planning.
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For overnight I've never had a leak through three kids with Motherease Sandys with a wool cover or the ME Airflow cover. I do just the diaper when they are little and add a thirsties hemp doubler as the baby gets older. It's absolutely foolproof and my kids have all leaked out of every other combo I tried.
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Oh and I am all snaps, all the way!


I had some velcro covers in the newborn size and they were such a pain. I've heard some people like them for the added adjustability but for me the snap settings were never a problem. And when DD was tiny and was still eating (and pooping) through the night I found I really hated the velcro - it's SO loud, especially when you want your tired itty-bitty with a nice full tummy to go back to sleep.

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With DD, I was a single parent. Honestly, I did disposables for a month or so until she could fit into OS. Then, I bought cheapie China diapers with velcro, and I'm still using them on her (she's not quite potty trained yet). With this babe, I'd like a better system since we have a little more money. I'm still trying to figure out what that is. I definitely want natural fibers, and NO VELCRO!

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Can someone post some links to descriptions or pictures of all this stuff.  I've never cloth diapered and I'm very interested, but I'm having a difficult time understanding all these terms.

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Well, with money being at a premium, I decided against my gDiapers bundle, as much as I love it. We'll be getting lots of flour sack towels to use as flat diapers. Target sells them 5 for $5 and my work gives Target cards as incentives to work extra hours. Last year I probably made $4-600 in gift cards, and will be working to get as many of them as I can this year, too to help pay for baby things. We have (and love) some GroVia covers, so we'll probably keep an eye for seconds sales between now and my due date so we can order some of those. I'm getting newborn wool from a friend, and kept the woolens my DH has felted, so we'll have some newborn woolies to use, and I plan on crocheting some covers this winter, too. So flats and covers for newborn stage and beyond, and then adding in the pocket diapers we have as baby will fit into them. I'm thinking I want to aim for a total of 3-4 dozen flats, and about 12 covers.
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You can probably Google to find other pictures or videos, but here is one explanation I found of the main types and their pros/cons:



Most online diaper stores organize their diapers by category so it makes it easier to find what you want and compare similar diapers. You may also like different ones for different ages. For example, many use prefolds for the tiny baby stage cause they are economical and those sizes get outgrown so quickly, plus you need more as baby pees/poops often then.

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