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Sign up for Bead Swap!

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Anyone who wants to be a part of our DDC bead swap let me know here so we can get something started! smile.gif I offered to be the organizer. Let me know so I can see if we can get enough people interested and figure out when the send-out-by date should be, to make sure they get here and back out in time! We should probably get it going here soon if we have anyone outside of the US that is interested in being a part of this as well! I will send my address in a private message to those that want to be a part! So exciting! 


What are birth beads? Birth beads are given as a symbol or reminder of the support you have been given throughout pregnancy and can be worn throughout pregnancy and during birth once made into a necklace or bracelet. 


So what you do for the bead swap is, everyone buys beads (one for every person wanting to be involved) and mails them to me along with a prepaid, addressed envelope. I then sort the beads (so everyone gets one from every person)  and mail them back and then you make a necklace, bracelet or whatever out of them. Then during labor, and beyond, you have something to remind you of all of these lovely mamas that have been so supportive along the way! Here is an example! 



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I am in! I know that I joined our due date month late but would really love to have beads from so many like minded moms to be with me during labor.

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I am in too. So excited to be a part of this!

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I'm in. 

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Me as well. Thanks for organizing!! Wonder if you could provide a description of what a bead swap is in your OP (or just a link to the previous thread) for those of us late to the party? The old thread will likely soon be harder to find...
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Id love this!
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I'm in too! 

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I need some input! So how many people do you think me need to be involved? Right now we have 7. When do you think we should do a cut off? I've never done anything like this before so I thought I'd ask what everyone thinks. Thanks!

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I have no idea!  Maybe we should plan on purchasing and mailing them to you by October so they can be mailed back to us in November?  Hopefully that would ensure everyone gets them before any babies decide to come early?


I would also love to add a little birth/strength note to everyone... like collective encouragement messages we could send with the beads?  I'm feeling like I could use some positive messages to read (and see with the necklace) in the weeks leading up to baby's arrival!

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I think that is a good idea. People may decide to do different things with the beads and that shopefully allows time to get a project done? I'm not the most artistic / creative person so perhaps someone more into craft will respond as well :).

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I was thinking similarly to kt~mommy mail to you by mid to late Oct. so they can go back out before the Christmas rush and early babes :)

It would be nice to have a few more mamas (I was thinking 10 - 15) but don't really know if there is a perfect number.


Thank you tspencer for taking on the sorting and resending!

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We can always double it up and do two each per person but yes having more moms would make it even more impactful :)

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Catwmandu- I started thinking the same thing about doubling! 


Maybe if we can't get a few more Mamas interested by Mid- to End of September we could plan on doubling (each sending two beads) if everyone would be up for it. Then if everyone mails them out by lets say October 18th. Once I get them all I will get them all sorted and get them right back out. It shouldn't be too difficult for me since I'm home almost all the time!


I'm not the most crafty person either but I'm pretty excited about this!

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Love this idea!! I'd be honored to participate.

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Sounds good tspencer!

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So far we have around 8 people interested. I'd still love it if we had at least a few more, but this will be great no matter what! I will be sending out my address in a PM to each of you soon! 

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I am in.  Thanks for the PM this morning to remind me to "sign up"--I hope you are all having a wonderful September!

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is it too late to sign up? I would love to do this. We are in the middle of a cross country move and things have been crazy.

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What type of envelopes are you using? Should we use those small padded ones?I need to go get some notecards to write on, and then I will get mine in the mail.

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I would probably use something like that. Just to make sure they get here and back safely!

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