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So I've never actually made a non-stringed-cord necklace before... anybody using a tutorial they could link? I really like the way the one in the OP looks!
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KT~ I know! I really like how that one looks too! When I was getting my beads I was trying to find what they used to make it but didn't see anything. I will start looking around and see if I can find something at least close to it! It I find something I will post it here! :D

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OK ladies I need some advice! leavesofgrass said she wanted to participate but has not been active on Mothering for over a month now so I have heard nothing and don't know if she has seen anything by e-mail or anything. Do I A. give her a little more time B. Assume she is not going to participate and send each of you your extra beads back or C. ?????? She acted like she really wanted to be a part of this so I'd hate to cut her but I don't want all of you to have to wait to get yours back either. I am still waiting on 3 others (other than leavesofgrass) but know where they are in the process! So do I give her till I receive all the others then decide? Thanks for your help! 

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Have you tried PM'ing her? Also, I did not include an envelope - sorry! Can I paypal you the $$ for postage? 

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Serenyd- Yes, I tried sending her a few PMs! :( I really want her to be able to be a part of this but I just don't know what else to do to get a hold of her.... 

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KT- http://www.limabeads.com/Make-a-Wire-Wrapped-Bead-Link-T12   Is a link my friend gave me how to wire wrap a bead and then you just jump rings to go between! I think I will try to do this with my beads! 

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I am sure there is something you can buy instead of wire wrapping each bead I just haven't found them yet! 

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I started putting the beads, that I have so far, together. I am trying the wire wrapping method with jump rings. Not too bad for my first try. I can't wait to see what everyone else does with their beads!  

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Oooooo, I can't wait! :-)
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So I still haven't heard anything from leavesofgrass and am only waiting on one more package that I know is already on its way. So I was thinking that I will just send everyone back 2 of their own beads since we are missing one of our Mamas. Does that sit well with everyone? Or any other ideas? Once I get the last beads I will send them out the next day. I am going to try to get everyone tracking numbers on the packages, that way you guys can keep track of when to expect your package! Any questions, concerns or alternative ideas? 

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I think that sounds reasonable.

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That sounds fine. Please don't pay any extra to ensure tracking though. It's kind of you to sort and mail as it is without any extra steps.



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I agree--sounds reasonable and please do not pay anything additional for shipping. Thanks again for organizing! I am excited to see some finished projects!
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I don't think it costs anything to get the tracking numbers but we will see! If it does I probably won't bother. We will see!
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I think it does cost extra, as I paid a tad more to put tracking on mine (Cuz I love knowing when packages are coming). I think its like 80 cents.
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Could you just send the extra beads out to everyone, or do the numbers not work out? Personally I don't need my two extra beads back, but if it's easiest that works! Alternatively, you could make a second necklace and donate it to leavesofgrass if she comes back?
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I second LLthetinkerbell - I say mix the extras up and toss one or two in for each of us - a surprise! I don't need mine back as I kept one of each already :)

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Aww man guys!! I read this too late. :( I received the last beads today and sent them out already... I am so sorry. Man, the one time I tried to be on the ball. I sent them out at 5pm today so hopefully you guys will be seeing them back soon. I guess I should have waited till tomorrow to send them back. :irked Hope this does not disappoint you. Those were great ideas... *bummed* 

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No worries at all, tspence! Now we can make earrings to celebrate the arrival of our LO's! smile.gif
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So here is mine.. I was putting it together as I received the beads! 

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