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How often does your baby poop now?

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Have your babies slowed down on poos? I guess this is normal, but his farts smell like poo and nothing's there. Has anyone tried anything to help the poos along?
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Sander is a bit all over the board. Yesterday, he had 3 poops. Today, 2. But the three previous days he had one per day and he'll often skip a day or two and once skipped 3!

As long as you are EBFing skipping a day or two or three is nothing to worry about.

You could try probiotic drops if you are concerned. Also, i have found ECing helps them poop as the hold position puts them in much like a squat position and makes it easier to push than if they are laying down or in a baby swing or seat.
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After 6 weeks, babies who are breastfed can go over a week between poops. Maddox was an every nursing session pooper, but Malcolm will go a couple of days without pooping. He makes up for it on his "pooping days" though.

"Dirty diapers: Expect 3-4+ stools daily that are the size of a US quarter (2.5 cm) or larger. Some babies stool every time they nurse, or even more often–this is normal, too. The normal stool of a breastfed baby is yellow and loose (soft to runny) and may be seedy or curdy. After 4 – 6 weeks, some babies stool less frequently, with stools as infrequent as one every 7-10 days. As long as baby is gaining well, this is normal."
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Yeah, my babies slowed way down. They are definitely gassy, especially Oliver, but they poop once a day at most and often go 2-3 days without pooping. I may try some probiotics for gas as it doesn't really bother Alice much, but Oliver gets woken up by it or will be fussy from it, poor guy!
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Thanks. We are EBF. He went a bit today but not the blowout I expected. Poor guy. I tried the bit of EC stuff I know. Rubbed his hiney with a warm cloth. No dice.
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Does it seem to be bothering him? Sometimes when I know Malcolm is due for one, I'll bicycle his legs. That helps get things moving sometimes and definitely helps with gas. He's super gassy as I have an oversupply of milk coupled with an over active letdown.
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I have a little bouncer seat that magically gets baby to poop. I'm not quite sure why... maybe she's too distracted when being worn or when in my arms? But if I put her in the seat and let her watch me clean the house, she'll usually poop within half an hour.
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Also, I just realized that I hit 1000 posts. So funny that it's a post about poop! lol.gif

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Arwen has been an infrequent pooper from the beginning. Even in in her first weeks she only pooped every 3-5 days. Now she goes every 7-10 days. We are on day 10 today, and I am strongly considering doing a baby suppository if she doesn't go today as she is getting fussy and restless. She was on probiotics for her first 2 months and it didn't seem to make any difference.

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Todd isn't an infrequent pooper, but dd was until solids. I knew to stay home on poop day! Todd always goes in his car seat or bouncy seat. I think that position and gravity seems to help?
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I guess our new normal is about once a day with no chunks and a smaller amount than before. It seems to have settled itself out and he doesn't seem to be hurting from it now. Thanks for the support.
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Our "normal" pretty much since one month or so has been one MASSIVE poop every 3-4 days. When she poops more often than that I'm AMAZED.


Not sure why- she doesn't seem upset about it though, and pedi ok'd it.

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It sound like my LO is the opposite from some of yours.  She WAS pooping every 5-8 days, but in the past week and a half, she's started going every day.

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