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Any food aversions/cravings?

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Until today I haven't really noticed any particular aversions or cravings. I usually am a lover of all things Mediterranean, but it sounded awful to me today when my husband suggested it for lunch. I just want mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, perogies, or avocado as of late. Drink wise I like water (of course) and orange strawberry banana juice. What have you been wanting or been getting grossed out by?

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Sadly, for the last 6.5 weeks I have been grossed out by most veggies. Esp leafy greens. Luckily, for years before I was pregnant I ate a head of steamed greens for breakfast daily, but now even lettuce is offensive. I am eating like a picky six year old...toaster waffles, cottage cheese and fruit...some other cheese and chicken, but pretty limited. No real cravings yet except for fruit. I hope to get more normal soon...I can't even cook without gagging. 

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Ditto. No greens here. I have been pretty low carb for a few months and I never eat fast food. Now all I want is pizza, potatoes, rice and lots of meat. I don't even want to look at all the vegetarian stuff we make at work!
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I usually eat a lot of raw veggies, but I have not wanted any, especially not leafy greens. I can do steamed veggies so I have been trying to eat a lot of those.
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I am normally a big (massive) ice cream eater. But it just hasn't appealed in the last few days. I make my own and a batch usually lasts three days, but the batch I made a week ago is still mostly there. Last night I saw a show in which someone was eating nachos and I have developed intrusive nacho thoughts ever since. I'm going to have to make some tonight. But the weirdest was last night when I was craving those nachos and I ended up choosing a bowl of leftover pea soup instead of a bowl of ice cream. What is happening to me??

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the last few days my morning sickness has gone away mostly...the smell aversion is still there...and now i just don't want to eat anything at all. and i'm pouty about it! i feel like a three year old. lol

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Selissa- mine, too. But my digestion is still wrong. I can't digest even the tiniest molecule of vegetable matter. Unless its potatoes. 


Still, i am developing a nagging desire to eat some veggie-like things, but i am too afraid to even try. The vomiting that has ensued over the past weeks when i eat vegetables is just too traumatic. But i kind of want Pepperoncini peppers. And pickles, and olives and stuff. And dolmas. Sour things. 


my smell aversion is also still in full swing. but i am not throwing up because of it, i have a little more fortitude or something now. 


I hope we both feel 100% soon and can start putting on those baby pounds!

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