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Weekly Chat August 20-26

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Hope it's ok if I go ahead and start a new thread! I don't have any great questions in mind, so I figured we could just play it by ear and chat, ask whatever is on our minds :) It's crazy how close some of our group is getting to holding our babies!! I'm so excited for all of us! How has everyone been feeling? My recent thing is that some days my fatigue is back with a vengence.. anyone else?? 

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Yay for a new thread! I'm still feeling like I'm pretty far off from the finish line. 10 more weeks! I won't lie, I would love to go a little early. Just a little! But I am trying not to think too much about it because I have a feeling I'll go late. I am getting soooo excited for those nearing the end though. I can't wait until people start posting pictures of their little ones!


I had an appt last night and everything seemed good. I love hearing her little heart beat. luxlove.gif


I'm feeling pretty good still. I hope the goodness lasts a bit longer! We took the kids to Six Flags over the weekend (DS had a free pass he earned from school for reading a lot). I got all swollen and gross from walking around. My ankles were huge and my wedding ring wouldn't budge! I was so nervous. Thankfully it was all gone the next day.

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I haven't been too active on the boards lately. At my last prenatal appointment, the midwife heard an irregular heartbeat. I haven't felt like talking about it, but it's been extremely difficult to think about anything else. Pretty much all I was told was that this kind of thing usually goes away on it's own and that I needed to go for a fetal echo...basically a detailed ultrasound of the baby's heart. It's been so stressful...even though it usually turns out fine, it might not this time. I had the test today and am extremely relieved to say that everything looks good! They didn't see any issues with the heart (not that they can be 100% sure, of course) and the whole time they were doing the test, they didn't see/hear any irregularity!

My husband and I went away this weekend without the kids! I was pretty stressed about the baby the whole time, but I still had a good time. I missed the boys, especially DS3 since I haven't been away from him for more than one night before. Also, we usually do a lot of walking when we're on vacation,and we still walked quite a bit, but by the last day, my hip was really bothering me. I'm kind of worried to get weighed on Thursday at my next prenatal appointment because, even though I tried to eat fairly well and keep active, it's so difficult away from home. At least I had a good time!
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Superbeans- I'm glad you're still feeling so good! I hope that keeps up for you for the rest of your pregnancy! And I hope the last 10 weeks goes quickly for you :) Glad to hear that your appt went well!


Graci- Oh wow, that must have been so scary for you!! I'm so glad to hear that everything looks good now though! What a huge relief! Big hugs for you for all that stress and worry! Your weekend getaway sounds like it was fun :) How many weeks are you? 

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This is like the fastest weekly thread turnover we've had in months. It's only Tuesday! Well done Dahlia! Usually none of us remember to do it until, like, the weekend.


graci-  that must have been so scary. I'm so relieved for you!


dahlia- I'm 32+ weeks and my fatigue is back with a vengeance. If I don't get a nap or at least a chance to lay down after lunch I stop being functional.


I'm still recovering from our crazy weekend of visitors and beyond the fatigue I feel pretty good. Did I mention last week that I started taking magnesium and skullcap before bed and it is the bomb.  Seriously. I've actually had a bunch of nights of decent sleep in a row. Nothing particularly exciting around here though I will say it was pretty crazy to realize that I'm only a couple weeks away from weekly prenatals. Its weird enough that I'm already into the every 2 weeks period.

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Hahaha, it was a rare moment of lucidity. 


Ciga, I feel so sluggish the past few days! I'm not sure if it's due to being 33 weeks pregnant, or if I'm still trying to recover from a very busy weekend. What is skullcap?? I do think I remember you mentioning it in the last thread. That's awesome that it's been helping you so much! I may consider trying it out! 

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Hello ladies, I've waited too long to post in this club! I'm due Oct 17th.


We just got back from a camping trip-- whew!!-- but it had some surprising effects on me. No reflux, no nausea, which have been my bugaboos with keeping blood sugar steady. Yet I wasn't eating more. I was just, well, busier, and of course breathing fresh air all day and night, bathing in rivers, sitting in warm springs...


But it wasn't a bed of roses either; camping sure has its challenges especially with a 4yo! I'm just surprised that I felt more vital and less rickety despite the challenges. One revealing note: I did lose my cool a few times; that may have been the indicating factor! But to be free of the digestive woes was heavenly.

Time to start sleeping outside? treehugger.gif Ha!

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I'm good . . . 34 weeks today . . . 6 to go!  And if this baby is like my others, that means almost 6 weeks to go . . . yipppeee on one hand, sigh on the other of course!  Let's see- I'm feeling pretty good, heartburn issues at night and this belly is so low that it's hard to sit- my belly is now literally sitting on my lap here in the computer chair (no bending over, crossing legs or closing legs, ha!). Can't imagine 6 more weeks of it!  We started home school last week and got our third boy (here at the group home), plus my son has swim for two weeks . . . life is busy right now! But again, I'm glad because it keeps the calendar flipping quicker!  


Baby stuff is coming along- found a nice diaper bag used,clothes are mostly washed or in the process of stain removal . . . almost there ladies!!!!!!

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I have to admit, this pregnancy has me wondering if I'll ever have the strength to go through another.  It seems like I'm dealing with one thing after another and although I'm incredibly excited and grateful to be pregnant, I can't help but have sobbing episodes because of the laundry list of things I've been experiencing.  I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder which had made me incontinent and is giving me chronic UTI's (I've been on antibiotics for over 2 months now).  I also have an "irritable uterus" which has been causing annoying and uncomfortable contractions that can sometimes be as close as 5 minutes apart for hours.  I have sciatic and pubic symphysis disorder which makes the whole cha-cha area super painful.  I'm having 3rd trimester "morning sickness," anemia that causes lightheadedness  and now I'm borderline hypertensive.  Add to that migraines, insomnia and perineal varicose veins and you've got one pretty miserable pregnant lady.  Just thinking about it all makes me want to cry again, but it feels better just to have this opportunity to vent.  I'm normally a very independent and strong woman, but lately I just feel pathetic.


I hate to complain so much, but I was hoping that if anyone else was experiencing any of these issues, they may not feel so alone after reading this.  Thank Flying Spaghetti Monster that I'm 33 weeks and there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Aw, Soleil, you really are having a tough time over there! I'm so sorry to hear about all the uncomfortable crap you're dealing with! Uti's are awful, I feel your pain on that one! I used to be very prone to them, and they SUCK. I had an episode back at 30 weeks that they said was due to an irritable uterus as well- contractions every 5 or so minutes, and it lasted for hours! No fun mama :( I'm sorry that's an ongoing issue for you! My stomach isn't as bad as yours sounds, but there are days where everything sounds disgusting and makes me want to gag. Just a really fickle stomach! Sometimes peppermint tea helps, or if you drink soda, a regular old coke with lots of ice really soothes my stomach. It sounds like you need a 7 week long nap right about now haha! You're definitely not alone in this, though! Vent away! You're so not pathetic, pregnancy isn't always rainbows and butterflies! Hang in there <3

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we are one and done I think!!! I am so over being pregnant!! I miss everything about my body from before... my body could do such awesome things and I was so healthy- this pregnancy I have just felt plagued by nausea, can't eat normally, can't drink normally, can't exercise normally, exhausted, gotten SICK in the middle of summer for nearly 2 weeks... the list goes on. and yes i'm making a baby and that's wonderful and all... but the pregnancy part SUCKS, I'm sorry- but it does. I'm really excited for the baby and really OVER the pregnancy. I can hold out another 6 weeks and 6 days, and then I am doing everything in my power to bring this baby on at 37 weeks. I don't want a huge chubby baby coming out of my vagina at 40-42 weeks anyway- 37 weeks 6.5 lb baby sounds great to me. I'm ready to be done!!!!! 

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Hi all!  Things are plugging along at this end - waltzed into my midwife appointment last Friday only to discover that, oh, yeah, you're going to be doing weekly NSTs and appointments until 36 weeks, when you'll do them TWICE weekly!  I kinda blinked and went, "Um, ok."  I just love having a technical diagnosis of chronic hypertension.  Would I ever have been diagnosed was I not pregnant?  Nope, no way.  But pregnancy makes the medical field crazy paranoid about BP.  I'm all right with it, though, since it's so well controlled right now. 


The NSTs aren't a big deal at all, though.  I just get to plop down for 20 minutes and listen to my kid's heartbeat while she zooms all around the place inside me.  There are worse things.  :)


I got a prescription last week for Zantac, though.  IT IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND.  I seriously love it.  I can't believe how bad the heartburn is, and it just showed up all of a sudden! 


I'm definitely one of the lucky ones - my pregnancy has been super smooth.  However, I'm really feeling the discomfort now.  I don't hate it yet, but it is making things really difficult - tons of fatigue, heartburn, constipation, and the super fun sensations of my kid burrowing her head into my cervix.  I also get contractions all the time now, just little ones, and they're starting to get very slightly painful, which is new.  I think at 36 weeks, I'm going to have my midwife check my cervix, cause I'm starting to get suspicious.  I really hope I go a week or two early - I don't want to get induced because of the stupid BP, which will happen if I go at all overdue.  :(


Mostly, I just want this kid here.  I go sit in her finished nursery sometimes and get SO impatient!  Rawr.

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Rainy- My heartburn has been flaring up too! I never had it before now, but tums help a little. Glad the zantac is working for you! My bh contractions have started to get just slightly painful as well, but not every time. Sometimes it just feels like dull period cramps very low in my abdomen that come and go. I hear ya on feeling impatient!!! Some days I feel like there's no way I can wait 7 more weeks (assuming I go an even 40). 

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Thank you, dahlia and ciga! It was very scary, but the relief I feel today is incredible! I know DH was nervous too and he's optimistic to a fault, so we're feeling good today! I wish the test could have happened before we went away, but at least our trip was a bit of a distraction. I'm 30 weeks, dahlia.

Rainy, I'm glad your NST wasn't too bad. I had to have them weekly from 34 weeks last time because of a gestational diabetes diagnosis. They were a major pain in my backside! For some reason, the monitor always had trouble keeping on his heartbeat and he wasn't a terribly active fetus (he's the complete opposite as a toddler!) so it always took forever! I hope they keep going well for you.

Yogini, I'm sorry you aren't enjoying your pregnancy. I haven't been enjoying it much this time either and I usually love being pregnant. I keep hoping I can find some enjoyment in the time I have left.

Soleil, I'm sorry you're having to deal with all these physical problems. Don't feel bad about complaining! If only you could follow through with dahlia's suggestion of a 7 week long nap! I often wish I could just go to sleep until about mid-October!

I've been impatient for a while now and I'm only 30 weeks! I've always gone a couple of weeks early, but even 8 weeks seems like forever (even though I still have a million things to do to get ready)! I'm also a little worried that I'll end up making it past my due date this time since I'm pretty much counting on giving birth when I'm 38 weeks!
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I will be 35 weeks this week! My baby is holding on so far! Yay! I still have a lot of contractions, but I have managed to keep them under control most of the time. I will be stoked to make it another week and then I can breath easy! We are going camping this weekend, and in really hoping I don't go in to labor then. Most horrible symptom right now is cervical shooting pains, and bolts of lightning shooting to my inner thigh. I have literally dropped to my knees from the sharpness of the pain. Plus, my memory foam ankles are super sexy! Lol.

I'm emotionally struggling due to my grandfather doing very poorly medically and I don't know how much longer we have will have with him. My baby is being named John after my Grandpa John. He was the only father figure I knew my whole life. This is the most devastating thing I could go through. It's looking more like days than weeks he has left. I just want him to get to meet my only son.

Anyway, I'm trying to take everything one day at a time. Ugh
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Oh, I do hope your grandfather holds on to see your little one born, I'm sure that would mean the world to you to know he got to meet his namesake.


Thanks everyone for the support, it's amazing how much better it makes me feel to know I'm not the only one and to be reminded that this too shall pass.  It's so funny, moments before I logged on I said to my husband (verbatim), "I just want to fall asleep and not wake up until I'm in labor."  So, reading your comment Dahlia really hit home :)  I seriously would take labor over this long and drawn out misery.  Although, I'm really worried that I won't be able to face labor with the strength and mindset that I need since I've been in such a miserable place for so long.  My first pregnancy I was a tra-la-la'ing, happy, healthy pregnant woman and still got my ass kicked by a non-medicated 32 hour labor.  I just don't see how I can go into such an intense and vigorous experience as labor on just a half a tank of gas (well more like 1/16 tank of gas).  Anyone else have a rough pregnancy and found themselves able to successfully labor with energy and endurance?  Do all the miserable pregnancy symptoms dissipate when labor sets in, meaning...does your body give you a break to prepare for the task at hand?  Oh, I hope so.  I really, really do.

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31 weeks here.
Started nesting.
Heartburn and generally unpleasant.
I'm doing none of the things I'd normally do in summer. My feet crack when I walk!
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Soleilmama, sounds like a very tough road for you. I really hope you do get some relief before/when labor finally starts. I'm worried about having the stamina for labor myself simply from not exercising much due to hip pain. I had always intended to be super fit going into pregnancy, but I wasn't quite where I wanted to be, and then with fatigue and aches and pains I've become pretty sedentary. Boo.


Gracisue, so glad everything is ok with your little one. I would have been very freaked out too!


Rainy, wow, that's a lot of monitoring! Sounds like you're doing well though. Hang in there.


Abk, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I do hope he holds out until you have the baby. I wish my grandma could have met my baby, but she passed away a couple of weeks ago. :(


AFM, I have my appointment with the endocrinologist this afternoon regarding my GTT failures. I started getting all stressed out about it yesterday and had a little cry on DH's shoulder. I really don't know what to expect. I'm feeling so frustrated because every time I try to look up a GD diet I see such conflicting information. My chiro gave me a suggested diet that was basically no carbs, but most people on GD diets seem to be eating plenty of carbs, just in very specific portions. I'm getting the impression no one really knows what the hell to do with GD and it's all just a guessing game out there. Pregnancy in general has been very frustrating in how there is so much misinformation and contradictory stuff. Ugh. I have a prenatal tomorrow too, which might also be stressful depending on what the endo says. I dunno how much new information I'll have to share with the midwives just a day after seeing the endo. The thought of continuing another few weeks with the midwives, only to have to switch providers very near the end stresses me the hell out.

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Abk-I'm sorry your grandpa isn't doing well. I really hope he gets to meet your son.

Slammerkin-Thank you! I'm really surprised they've made you wait this long for a diet plan. I met with a dietician the day after my diagnosis in my last pregnancy. That one day was bad enough. There is a lot of conflicting information about it and it's so stressful to not know what you can eat! My diet plan included plenty of carbs in specific portions at specific times. It often felt like too many. Obviously, I don't know if this will be the diet plan you're given. I hope your appointment goes well and that having some more information will help you relax a little.
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Abk, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa, I hope he gets to meet your son! I'm naming my little girl after my grandma, and I so wish she could be here to meet the baby. Big hugs, I'm so sorry you're going through this.


Shiloh, my feet are creaky too haha! 


Slammerkin, I hope your appts go well! It sounds so stressful for you having to try to figure out what you can eat :( And pregnancy seems to make that hard enough as it is! 

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