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Aw, beautiful family, abk! 

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Thank you! If I weren't completely exhausted all the time, I would have done their hair and dressed them. Lol.
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Great photo abk!

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Ahh i had a lovely big post that went AWOL.


Sorry I have been a bit absent in these parts, things are a tad stressful here at home on top of feeling really unorganised for this baby, and i also hadnt seen the new thread *embarrassed*


34 weeks today! Feeling good, well as good as can be, my kids are sick and after no relief i caved and went to a dr only to be told they were "fine" and deemed not contagious.... well so called post viral rash has now spread to son #2 and non contagious cough has spread to son #1 so I have a feeling the dr is wrong. Getting an appt is small miracle though so will give it until the end of the week until we go back.

With the move over and done with I thought i would feel "ready" for this baby to arrive soon, turns out that is not the case, there is still so much to do. and to top it off i seem to have lost/misplaced my stash of nb covers, about three dozen of them. So i am on a mission to find them asap so i can get our stash sorted. So keep your fingers cross they miraculously turn up!

With dh gone 13hrs a day and being flat out exhausted there is not a lot happening in the intimacy department sadly, i may have to pass comment to him that he should use his time wisely while he can as I usually bleed postpartum for 10wks :-( At which point the deed will be a no go.

Plenty of colostrum here, but like you Dahlia only if I squeeze the (.)(.)'s

Abk - that is such a gorgeous family photo.


Right off to take a belly photo! :-)

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10 weeks bleeding? Omg I'm lucky to do 2
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Yep its insanely annoying i tell ya!

No word from Serafina this week?

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ABK, cute family!


Danielle, hope everyone gets to feeling better at your house soon.

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Thank, ladies!
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So, woke up this morning to contractions every 2-3 minutes.  Went to birth center and they gave me two rounds of Terbutaline which eventually slowed them down.  Thank god my cervix isn't dilating but it is softening and shortening (which is considered ok at this point), but it's starting to look like I may be having this baby sooner than later.  I didn't know this, but at 34 weeks they won't do anything to stop later besides IV fluids and Terbutaline (which is short acting).  So, if I go...I go.  I just want to make it to 37 weeks so I can still birth at the birth center, so cross your fingers for me!

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Fingers are crossed Soleil! I didn't know that about not stopping labor after 34 weeks either! I'd happily welcome this little girl in 3 weeks! I hope you can make it til then!

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Fingers crossed for you, Soleil! I had a day of contractions every three minutes at 34 weeks in my last pregnancy and dilated to 1cm. They did nothing about it, but I ended up making it to 38+2! Hopefully you can at least make it to 37...and hopefully you don't stress too much about it (I know I did).
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Just had a home visit with my midwife, and this little baby is already descending 2-3 which is great. Getting nice and snug in a good position. Blood pressure had been slightly elevated so we did a reading at the start of visit and again at the end and the second reading was perfect 110/60. Bloods in a fortnight along with a swab :-( just to check for gbs as I had it with ds2.
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Pleased to hear your contractions have stopped Solielmama!
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Thanks mamas!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Very happy for you that you are hanging on Soleilmama!


Hi Danielle!  And everyone! I'm just now seeing this thread. oops.gif  Can whoever starts the new chat thread put a link at the end of the old weekly chat thread to direct to a new one?  Otherwise it takes ages for me to remember and check and find it!  :)


My fiance makes me feel very loved in every way, and still desires me despite the 45 pounds all over me.  Which is nice.  This is my third pregnancy and first pregnancy having any kind of sex during it!  And in the 37th week!  Yes, that's right I am 36 +1 according to the NT scan, but according to LMP my due date would be Oct 2, which is why I joined this group first and stuck around.   But over in September land (my edd is sept 24 according to the drs, after the scans) there have already been three babies!  twin boys and a little girl.  


My little girl has been super active. just wriggling like insane amounts, it's hard to do anything with the distraction. 

Two days ago had a photo shoot with my rock band, so we can start promoting our band for gigs starting as soon as I'm up for it (November? December?).   ..... through creativity managed to hide my 40+ pounds of pregnancy weight.  Or, at least the stomach.    As to  HOW we hid the weight in photos, we did clever things like standing behind a bar (we went into a rather glamorous strip club which wasn't open yet, the owners were nice about putting on the lights and letting us have a photo shoot) and look as if we were waiting to place our orders, and then we went to a school yard and I sat on a huge box (I think they put recycle-able cardboard in it) while the guys in the band stood on either side and crouched in front, and I had a really drapey leather jacket that I positioned strategically, along with strategic posture.  We also had a few shoots where it was panoramic and cut off at the ribcage, showing lots of blue sky above as backdrop.  Some of us sitting at a cafe outdoor terrace with the table in front hiding my belly.  That sort of thing.  I was surprised that my face didn't look that fat.   I feel like I'm fat EVERYWHERE.


dr appointment tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping for a paper thin cervix, all nice and mushy or even slightly open.  Now that I'm coming up on the 37 weeks mark this weekend, I am going to try to avoid being sedentary and avoid celibacy like the plague!  My DF and my energy level better cooperate.  I'm wondering if long walks are enough or should I go down to the pier and back up ten times a day?  (the little path through the woods behind our house leading to the lake and swimming pier is a treacherously steep 80 yards, so going back up is a major glute workout.) 

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