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Thanks Kalista! I do agree that you are a wealth of knowledge! I want to try a back carry. Can I do it with a RS or do I need a woven wrap? I'm hoping to try some wovens at the next babywearing meet up here but for now we're still getting the hang of our RS and using the Moby when it's not too hot.

Yes, I agree , Kalista is amazing. So glad to have her here, so greatful for her support.
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Aw, thanks guys! wink1.gif

Here we are- if you're comfortable with carrying her on the front, you don't need to do back carries. I didn't back carry my oldest until she was at least 6 or 7 months old. Don't stress yourself out over it!

If you do want to try it, do it by a bed or couch and be prepared or it to go badly the first couple times. It definitely takes practice.
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If you do want to try it, do it by a bed or couch and be prepared or it to go badly the first couple times. It definitely takes practice.

yeah, like having your baby spit up into your mouth. 

I find it helpful to practice the wrap without the baby in it, just to get the rhythym and motion of the wrap down. It also helps to have a spotter. I've been practicing just getting Elliott on and off my back, no wrapping. 

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I've been doing the same over here - we've progressed from Oliver screaming while he rests on the wrap and I awkwardly gather it around him (thinking about how to get him up there) to Oliver screaming while on my back with me awkwardly trying to tighten the rails before he slides down to the side.  so... progress!  I figure with another week of practice he'll be screaming while I awkwardly try to spread a pass out over his back.

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It's National babywearing week! Let's share the love! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by InLove2009 View Post

It's National babywearing week! Let's share the love! smile.gif
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Ok, so when I start wearing griffin on my back? He is almost 12 weeks. For some reason I thought I had to wait longer. Is it only with a wrap you can back wear this early or also a ring sling? I'm baffled at how to do it but ill look stuff up on you tube and get my boyfriend to help me.
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Iris wants to be held, not worn. She wants to see. And today my shoulder hurts and the only way she'll nap today is be held. *sigh* will have to keep trying.
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As a Feldenkrais Practitioner (movement scientist) and Continuum Concept Consultant, typically, as soon as the baby can support her head, around 5 months, they can be carried on the back.  Although, some moms are now getting a head support for the baby to be on the back sooner.  The reason for waiting 5 months or so this is typically 3-fold.  #1.  It is easier for baby and the mother to nurse with the front carrier until baby's digestive system matures.  #2.  It is easier for baby to be a part of the mother's life in a back carrier once he/she is more curious of the world "out there" and they do not need to nurse as much.  3.  It is easier for mom to resume her activities with the baby on the back.  Many carriers, like Ergo and Mei Tai allow for the baby to be carried on the front or the back.  This was my preference rather than the ring sling used on  the back.  I went through 9 carriers before finding one that worked super well.  It is not on the market anymore.  I changed this baby sling a bit and made a prototype of it to start a business.  Long story short, I ended up giving the business idea and the prototype to the founder of ErgoBaby as I thought is was a surefire success for at least one of the mothers in my parenting class.  

We carried ours pretty much until he could crawl because we did The Continuum Concept.  I HIGHLY recommend this book if anyone out there has not read it.  It makes baby so happy and smart, no terrible 2's or 3's, the teen years a breeze.  It is so much easier than anything other parenting "style" out there. 

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Alexsandra, thanks for the information. Someone just recommended this book to me a few weeks ago. I'll look into it. 

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Actiasluna- what carrier do you have?
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Ive got one of those organic cotton Ergo's (my sister in law used it with her two kids before me), I was given a ring sling (i think its one of those maya ring slings after looking at pictures of different ring slings) and I was given a buddha baby. I haven't used the buddha baby because im not really keen of the material and how he is situated in it. I used my ring sling a lot for in and out and around the house and I love it. And I use the Ergo for long walks. My ring sling, although I really like it isn't super wide and I think as he gets bigger (he is about 13 and half lbs; 12 weeks) but I think a wider sling would come in useful, maybe give more support. Im just confused as to what material is best, woven, linen, silk etc. Mine is woven, I think that is what you call it. I still use the insert for him in the Ergo and am looking forward to not using it, another thing im confused about. Ive heard that Im not supposed to have him without the insert until he is 4 months but Ive bumped into several moms that had 10lbs newborns and never used the insert! 

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Im really considering a Mei Tai or a Boba 3G but Im not sure how they compare to Ergo and If its worth spending the money on them. I can't find anyone around here that has either because I live on a small island.

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I love my Boba! It works really well for us. Maybe check facebook for local babywearig groups? they often have lending libraries

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At 13 lbs., I don't think you need the infant insert anymore. Ruby sits comfortably in ours without it! I've never used the insert by did have her seated on a rolled up blanket in the beginning.

If you're looking at getting a new ring sling, I highly recommend a wrap concerted ring sling. They are wider and super supportive. Mine is cotton and is still great for my 2 year old. Check out sleeping baby productions. She makes great slings and has a ton of information on her website.

The Boba and Ergo are pretty similar. The differences are more to do with fit for the wearer. Also, the boba has a higher weight limit than the ergo, I believe. If you're happy with your ergo, I don't think a boba is necessary. We had both but I sold the boba. It fit my husband but I'm petite and it didn't fit me well.

I love mei tai's and I don't think you can go wrong with getting one. Our first ever carrier was a babyhawk so I have a soft spot for them! wink1.gif. They're great because the fit is totally adjustable.

As for back wearing... You can do it at any age depending on what carrier you're using. I have only had Ruby on my back with the wrap because it provides the most support. I probably could put her on my back on the ergo but I'm going to wait until she's a little bigger and more comfortable with both legs out. I don't like back carries with the ring sling and wouldn't do it at all with an infant (I've done it with my toddler when I had to but it's not comfortable for me!).
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So with the whole 13 pounds and Ergo thing... Fin weighs 13 pounds, but his legs don't stretch out to where the backs of his knees hang out over both sides... isn't that where they are supposed to go? Does my kid just have super short legs? If not, what do you do with your babies legs in there? He has MORE than enough neck strength to not need the insert anymore, and can see out pretty well with his butt in the seat part. I just have no idea what to do with his legs! 

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Resque, you could use a string to tie around the seat and pull the fabric closet together, to the width of your son's legs. I learned this from a facing out carrier but bet it would work for you.
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Our little frog woven arrived today! Lots of snuggles and sleepy dust already. It was brought up from the US by my lovely friend who also gave me this welcome baby present. I LOVE her!!!
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I need a time out in a big way.

I put rolled up blankets under Rowans butt in the seat of the Ergo to make it narrower. Then his feet kind of rest on the belt and he's up higher. I'd love to buy a new wrap but have to make do with the carrier/sling we already have... I did buy a length of osnaburg to make a wrap but I'm still trying to break it in, it's pretty stiff still. Any recommendations from experienced wrap tamers?
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Nmmmmmm...wine. I'm ordering the beco tonight. Was worried about spending the money, but after forgetting the stroller and having my 13 lber in the baby Bjorn for 3 hous this weekend, we clearly need another alternative.
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