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Skycheat, that is such a nice present, did she make the wine herself to name it such?! I totally need a time out too.

Heyitskalista, that is a great site, thanks! Totally getting lost in it and now really want a new sling! smile.gif Good to know about the boba, I am also smallish (5'3) and the ergo works for me now. As for Mei tai, still considering. I have seen some baby hawks for sale on the baby wearing with a budget Facebook group and am really tempted.
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Resque- he could sit froggied in it. I still keep ruby that way most of the time because while she can go legs out, I feel like its too big of a stretch for her, especially for long periods of time.

Skycheat- pretty wrap! LOVE the wine! I need some of tht! Lol

Wrenmoon- knot dragging and braiding work for me! Along with lots of use!
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Wrenmoon-I've seen others on my babywearing group make hammocks for their larger kids to swing in

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I'm confused about how to not have a ring sling cut into the back of the legs while wearing griffins little legs outside of it. He is quite long and I think not cozy anymore when his legs are in...but each time I put them out, it seems to cut into the back if his knees, so then I stuff them back in and he gets uncomfortable. Any ideas? Is it that I have to make the seat deeper and how do I do that?
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How do you know baby is uncomfortable?  This is quite rare at this stage unless the mother expects it or creates an issue around it.  Yes, it would be uncomfortable for us but they are EXTREMELY pliable.   It sounds like you are unsure if he is truly uncomfortable or not.  Babies let you know clearly when there is a  problem.  Now, there are other exceptions but that would take writing an article . .  .Something to consider . . .

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Also, i did not carry lo on the back because the only sling available that I could find at that time looked too daunting.  Hence, baby was in the ring sling for almost 6 months.  When I had help, the back sling gave lots more freedom and was better for my body.   But, what would I do if there was nothing but concrete around?  Like the post office, grocery, a museum, or wherever, without an aid?  Then, I MADE myself FACE THE FEAR, bite that bullet, and use only the back riding sling ALL day in the streets of Rome.  Wow, it changed my life!  Now, there are gobs of sling options.   Funny thing, even with all the "high tech" slings, I still have many moms who initially resist baby riding on their back, just as I did!   My 'antique' sling is still the best in my opinion, ergonomically and everything else: fast, small, light, tons cheaper, etc. but no westerner would buy it cuz it's too simple!  Sometimes we just have to conquer the fear and do it!  Commit to the long term easier way of wearing your baby.  Like anything, practice increases speed and accuracy (except on my computer--grin).  After my first day of using nothing else (24/7), the idea of using a bed, couch, someone to help, or whatever seemed just plain silly!

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I am so tempted to try a back carry, but what will my husband say when I tell him I've bought ANOTHER baby wearing contraption?

Well... Can you back carry with a mei tai if baby can't sit in it with legs out yet? I can do legs out in the boba wrap but not mei tai// it's too wide.
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YES, Mei Tai for the back works!  In fact, it is more like my antique thing than any other sling on today's market. 

How old is your lo?  Weight?  You probably have it written somewhere above. You will tell your hubby that if you have this sling, the baby will be happier.  (He KNOWS what THAT means).

Here is a business idea for a mom:  Why not invest in baby stuff, including toys, and rent them out?

We did not need a high chair, swing, bouncy anything because baby was always attached and that made him SO secure and cooperative.  Unbelievable!  If you do not have any of that stuff, tell your hubby that too! 

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Wrenmoon, making a wrap donut is another good way to break wraps in. Found it on you tube.

Actiasluna, it's a brand she keeps seeing and had the perfect excuse to buy wink1.gif. I probably won't have the nerve to open it for a few months yet wink1.gif
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I love youtube. And all those people who make simple videos about "knot dragging" and other random phrases.
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DD is probably 11.5lbs now, but I guess I thought the whole back carry thing with mei tai depended on wether they could sit in it with legs open yet.
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Yeah, no back carrying until they're legs out, I think (though I'm not sure on the official stance on that! Lol). I'd be concerned about what would happen of she straightened her legs while on your back.
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I have always had Mason's legs out in the mei tai. I put a rubber band around the seat to make it narrower. I feel like his feet get squished when his legs are in. Mei tai is also my favorite and my husbands favorite. I have a baby hawk
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So, Im trying to figure out what the difference is between a boba 3G, a beco soleil, a beco gemni and a manduca. They all look the same to me, I mean really, is there a big difference? Anyone know the answer to that question? I really like the look of the boba 3G. It looks solid and actually structurally safer than an Ergo, which is all I have that is an SSC. 

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I'm pretty tall and it seemed like the beco fit me better. Unfortunately, Iris really wants to stand up in it! Still trying to figure out how I convince her to sit in it!
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I found this really helpful when making a choice

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oh, thanks for that Rainbownurse, that is a really great chart. Thats what I needed. 

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 At my mom and baby yoga class today, I happened to mention to someone randomly that I wish I new how to use wraps but Im scared of them because they seem complicated and I don't know anyone that uses them. Another mom there just happened to be part of the local babywearing group, which I had no idea existed but had really been wishing that there was one around! And she invited me over for group meet tomorrow at her house to try on woven wraps, so I can figure it out with people who know what they are doing! Anyways. Im quite excited about it.

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Actiasluna, that's awesome! That's how I caught the wrap bug! Have fun wink1.gif
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I went to my first meet up yesterday and they are SO MUCH fun!!

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