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I'm dying to get a wrap. Going to the bwi meet up in 2 weeks to try some and then hopefully take the plunge. Sky, that wrap is gorgeous, I love orange!
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`i just ordered my first wrap from little frog in Poland, yay!! Im soooo excited!
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So exciting, Actiasluna! Which design did you order?
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Yay actiasluna!!
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I got the Nefryt. Im super excited about it, even though I have no idea how to even get started. But that is what you tube is for :) I think Griffin will like being carried in a wrap because these days he just wants me to hold him and for some reason he has been complaining in the Ergo lately. I wonder if the infant insert is too stuffy for him now but even at 14lbs he looks small in it. 

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Also, I just saw a company in the states selling them for $10 more than I got in Poland. I think that including shipping, its cheaper for me to order from Poland than from the US to Canada. I totally thought it would be more expensive but apparently not. 

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babywearing is stressing me out lol. I like my ergo but I'm starting to feel the annoyance with all the buckles that people talk about. Especially since I tried putting Jaya in a high back carry and I couldn't do it myself. Needed the husband to buckle everything for me lol.


I'm in between getting a mei tei or a smaller wrap (current one is a size 8 yikes) but she hates wraps which is why im thinking mei tei but to my knowledge you can't use those for older babies/toddlers?


Jaya is 15lbs and I'm guessing 24-25 inches (was 24 at last month appt) so I'm worried she will outgrow a mei tei too quickly. Especially if it's a cheap one vs an expensive.

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You can absolutely use a Mai tie with toddlers. I use to wear my 2.5 year old in our babyhawk all the time.
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I think I need a new way to tie my mei tai. I's been killing my shoulders and she's just 12lbs.
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inconditus, I wouldn't give up on wrapping just yet! I have found that whenever I try a new carry, Clover gets a lot grouchier about the whole situation (this is why we have yet to make it more than a few dozen feet in a back carry -- I am sure my anxiety about it is rubbing off on her!). I can imagine that in a size 8 wrap there is a lot of frustration while you maneuver all! that! fabric! that maybe she can feel or sense?


I also don't put her in a wrap unless it's time for a nap or a walk. But if she's not sleepy, she does not want to be worn while I do chores, for example, or anything where I'm not constantly moving. 

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We successfully got Jaya in a bwcc with like 5 feet of extra fabric hahaha. My back did start hurting after like 30 min though =/ She's 15lbs so not that heavy. Also I couldn't do it (well) my myself I had to have hubs help me place the fabric idk if I just have short t-rex arms but I dont know house people do it without help. I really want a ring sling but it might cost me my marriage. I'm already in trouble for my massive CD stash. If I start collecting carriers DH will really be annoyed... 

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Went to a meet up today and tried a woven. I need to get one!!
Noor loved it.
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I've said this before then decided I liked it but am going to say it again. I totally dislike my ergo and am going to sell it greensad.gif
I have a Mei tai from etsy that I loved with my others. Carried my toddlers in it too. Think I'm just gonna stick to that or try a new wrap since it's getting chilly (maybe?) finally.
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Impressive wrap job, harmonious! Adorable kiddo too wink1.gif

It's ok to hate the ergo, Tenk. I scored a used ergo sport for DH but I can't stand it myself. I have 3 wraps of different sizes and a wrap conversion mei tai and would rather use any of them but they're "too confusing" for DH. That's fine. He gets the convenience, I get the comfort smile.gif

Inconditus, part of the reason the back wraps are so hard is that babes are so tiny! It's hard to reach way up to where their bums are, hard to get a good seat, hard to spread the passes. I'm not doing well with back carries at all myself but aim to really practice way more once chubs is sitting up by herself.
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went to a mom's night out with my babywearing group on FB and this happened...

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Lol rainbownurse that's quite the rucksack you got there!
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oh that's not me, I was taking the picture. I can't do a ruck to save my life. 

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You're in good company then! My rucks suck!
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I think it would be easier if my kid was that size.... I'm in the ruck-suck club too. You can't really tell from this picture but take my word for it.
I can't seem to get it high enough no matter what. And when I pull tighter while doing that hopping thing my baby complains. Maybe I'm too chicken to pull it tight enough? Anyway it's pretty saggy. I am using a length of osnaburg and it's a wee bit too wide because I haven't had a chance to cut it down. Maybe it will get easier with a narrower wrap?
My patience for trying again and again is wearing thin...I'm so tired of things not working and I'm so desperate to get this heavy baby on my back!

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Any suggestions on how I can make those passes without going over his knees?
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