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How do guys wrap outside the house without dragging your ends on the ground??
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Mine just drag. I figure they've already gotten pee and spit up, what's a little dirt. 

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If I do a front carry, I pretie a front cross carry, then just pop baby in. If I back carry, I simply wrap indoors so the wrap may get some dirt but not hit puddles or slush. All my wraps are cotton, so easy to care for.
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I hate wrapping my mei tai out in parking lots because of oil and other toxic junk worse than just a little dirt, so I tend to do it sitting in the car and then get out to adjust. I can't figure out how to tie it without setting DD down, or I would do it indoors beyond the parking lot at my destination. If it's at a place like the park or anywhere it might really be "just dirt." I just let them drag. But even at the park I can't help but think of all that dog poop. Ew.
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Wrenmoom- have you tried sandwiching the rails? If they're bunching, you may be getting pressure points. Sandwiching can even out the weight distribution.

I put ends in my pocket or on the van floor while standing beside the open door. I also use shorter wraps when out so there isn't much tail to drag! wink1.gif
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I tried sandwiching the rails and that did help a lot and now I just need to figure out how to wrap with a too short wrap. Get good at it really really fast?? I tapered the tails so I'm not tying with such chunky pieces but I still have only a few inches to tie with.
My new piece of osnaburg is in the washer dryer all day yesterday and today so I'll be able to make a longer one this evening.

Really I should have just bought a wrap already made. It would have been worth the money. Lesson learned.

I went to a holiday faire this weekend with just my dd and carried the baby in a sling for four hours. The next day my neck and shoulder were totally out and I can hardly move my head. I have never had such a hard time carrying a baby! Maybe it's the third thing? I dunno.
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how do you sandwich the rails?

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AAHH!! just put in an order for my first handwoven! 

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Post pics when you get it, Rainbownurse. That's exciting!!
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Hey ladies! I've got a bit of Christmas $ to spend and I'm dying for a wrap. I've discoverd the beauty of the Oscha wraps but I'm open to suggestions. I've never wrapped. I've a Sakura linen sling, moby & ergo. I think with my height I need a size 7. What should I look for or stay away from as a beginner?
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from one beginner to another: get something you think is beautiful.  if you like it, you'll use it, and even if it's not perfect, you'll appreciate it.  and if there's something about it (length, the quality of the fabric, etc) that isn't ideal, you'll either deal with it because you love the wrap, or you can trade or sell for another and have a better idea of what you want.  that's my two cents, anyway!


that's how I chose my one and only wrap (a 100% cotton, size 6 Didymos Red Dots) - I loved the little mushrooms on it.  that, and I hate doing anything special for laundry, so I wanted something I could wash and dry with the diapers without worrying about.  the cotton is really low maintenance, and beyond its visual appeal, that was probably the most important factor for me.  *

(this isn't the best photo of the wrap, but it's one of my favorites.  the link below has a better image.)


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Height isn't a huge factor, monkey pants. Shirt size is the deciding factor. Base size is 6 for average build, 5 for particularly slim/petite moms and 7 for many plus size ladies (although many are fine with a 6). I think RF made great suggestions: get something you love the look of and stick to cotton. It sounds kinda shallow but if you love the was a wrap looks, you'll wear more often because you'll be excited to use it. For me that means bright colours, intricate patterns or rainbows.
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^it's totally true. I got a gorgeous ellevill, but it's white and I'm terrified of spilling on it. 
Meanwhile I also have a ring sling I use constantly because I love the colours
my handwoven is a group project with my babywearing group, here's the prototype one, it's not going on the loom until jan/feb and if too many people want in, we'll have to draw for spots. It;s called Common Threads

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My mom dyed a piece of osnaburg for me, I get to see it today. My other advice monkey pants is to see if you can borrow from a lending library if you have a baby wearing group locally. I borrowed a size 5 didymos Cotton Indio for a month, and realized that I didn't want that one. I might go for a linen blend because I like my Sakura Bloom ring sling, but for now at least I have the Osnaburg to work with.
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I love that weave/colourway, rainbow nurse. Gorgeous smile.gif
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Thanks for the advice ladies! I like the "get what is beautiful" idea. Makes sense. The one I truly love and oscha okinami is sold out. Boo. The search is on. My main thing is texture. Since its online I can't feel it.
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I was about to say what Harmonious said. See if you have a local babywearing group and if they have a lending library, or if they're having a meet up soon. Then you get to fondle!!
Skycheat-thank you! This is a black weft, and mine will be royal blue with black weft as a middle marker

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oh, the okinamis are beautiful!  that's the wonder of the swap, by the way - a lot of wraps are released as limited editions from the manufacturers, and you can only get them secondhand after a few months or so.  and harmonious, I hope the dye job comes out well!  rainbownurse, that's a lovely prototype!  how lucky.

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Spam time! I finally got double hammock working for me, with both kiddos!

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