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Looks great, skycheat! I am starting to get the hang of DH, which is really nice for cutting dinner veggies when Clover is sleepy but not quite ready for bed. Mine...needs some work, though, I think. It is really comfy, though!


Your hair looks awesome, too!

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nice, skycheat!  (and I love the haircut, by the way.)  when I've tried the double hammock with Oliver, I felt like I couldn't get the cross pass to go high enough over his body.  maybe I had him too high?  it might be easier when he's taller.  Callie looks like she's positioned pretty perfectly, though!

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Rf, have you tried the jump rope technique? It's hard to explain but I could find you a YouTube video link smile.gif. That's the only way I can get passes high and it works like a charm smile.gif
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Looks great, skycheat!!  I loved DH with Amelia! For some reason I can never get the chest pass snug with Ruby. So I've been mostly doing DRS2S.  I will definitely be trying DH again as she gets bigger though.

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hmm, I haven't heard of that!  I'll look it up.  and Kalista, I've done the DRS2S with Oliver too - it's a good one!  I like the wiggleproof-ruck thing we do most often the best though, because it's symmetrical and keeps his darn legs from straightening out and getting all lopsided.

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we did it!!! the trick-do it in the bedroom in front of our massive mirror so he gets distracted by his reflection

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Looks great, rainbownurse!
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I just cut up my osna wrap that was too short and made a ring sling with it...I have hemmed a second piece of linen blend and am fixin to put the pleats in it for another sling- a for the man sling.
My mom bought me seven yards of osnaburg on sale and it is totally different! It's gauzy somehow. Was sitting down to hem it and I dunno.

I'm a little worried about its sturdiness, if you can see light through it- is it a no go for a wrap?

So nice to see everyone's wrapping success. Gives me hope! I'm gonna do this! Gonna!
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you can dooo it!! It seriously took us like a month of practicing to get that. Check out back wrap cross carry, it's a little lower so you feel less like a beetle. Also a large mirror helps

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Osnaburg is THE DIY wrap fabric. Remember, there are gauze wraps out there for the summer. If its osnaburg, I wouldn't give it another thought!
And you can totally do it wink1.gif. Wrapping takes time to learn but once you get the basics, it opens up so many possibilities. If you find it's not for you, make a DIY mei tai with wide (like 12 inch) loooong straps and it's the next best thing for comfort wink1.gif
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I just got my new silk Sweet Pea ring sling and I Loooove it. It's so pretty and soft! And amazingly functional. I used it to nurse for the first time today in a top that I would otherwise not NIP due to modesty. Better pics soon!
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Yes! I can post a photo!
New ring sling of linen blend and a glimpse of the new baby legs from socks I made last night. Elves workshop had been busy.

Eta- this linen blend will make a really nice wrap, I think...
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looks awesome wrenmoon, did you make the ring sling?

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so feeling bolstered by my BWCC success I tried a drs2s...fail. So today I looked at Babywearing Faith's DH video..tried it out with the jump rope technique for passes and BAM!
Also, I realized that I was trying to mirror her instead of doing the opposite..so that made a HUGE difference


hair spit up

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I did! It was surprisingly easy. I made two slings yesterday and seven pairs of baby legs... All with a baby and two big bickering children. That's what I mean by easy.
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depending on what I get for Christmas I think I'm going to turn my ellevill into two ring slings

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Poppins hip carry with my friend's Natibaby milky way, we're helping break it in

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I can't figure out how to wrap on my back by myself. So frustrated! I want to try that hip carry rainbownurse!
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it's dead easy in love! and you can do tummy to tummy with it. It's like a ring sling with a waist belt 

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Inlove, are there any babywearing groups local to you? In person support is so helpful. What are you having trouble with specifically? A really good first carry to learn is the secure high back carry because you start with a half knot on your chest so baby is secure right away.
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