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Tucked in to the Moby, tail on a ring sling works well for sun protection, still haven't figured out how to work it with the mei tai. I currently just drape a receiving blanket over her head, but I'm considering sewing a makeshift hood onto it.
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Anyone used a Chicco carrier? We just got one as a gift, but we had planned on using the baby bjorn (also rec'd as gift) for our more structured carrier. Thoughts on the Chicco?
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As far as I can tell, Chicco and Baby Bijorn are pretty much the same design--referred to as "crotch danglers." The fabric at the crotch isn't wide enough to support baby from knee-to-knee, which puts pressure on their growing pelvis and can contribute to the baby developing hip-dysplasia. I had a chicco and ended up selling it on craigslist to fund something more ergonomically designed. Just my 2cents.
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Expert ladies - I'm hoping to go to the baby wearing group tomorrow but until then, does this look right?
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if you're looking for wraps/carriers, check out the facebook group "the babywearing swap" they have TONS of great deals

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Harmonious, it is helpful to have the rings as high up on your shoulder as is comfortable because it leaves more room for the pouch and more fabric to secure the baby. As a bonus it should also be more comfortable. Other than that it looks fine to me.
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Thanks TDE. I'll try moving it up next time. I wore her like this for an hour or so today and felt like it pulled funny on my neck, so clearly something was a bit off.
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Trying out my used ergo (fergo? Hope not) with the 3 yr old and new squish

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Kitteh, looks great (and super cute girls!). I wanted to chime in and say that I have an older Ergo, and when compared to a newer one that my friend has there are definitely some differences. Both Ergos were bought new (though not by me), so I know they're both real, but the older one definitely has some slight differences in the buckles and straps. So most likely you just got an older one.


As for me, I just splurged and bought a woven wrap. I've been in love with them since I went to a babywearing group meeting while I was pregnant, and I had some baby-gift money to burn. But WOW, I hope I like it as much as I think I will, because those things are not cheap! I am optimistic because the Moby is my favorite carrier, but it will be nice to have something similar that is cooler and more supportive for an older baby.


Any advice on mei tais? I think my husband would really like them. The Moby is too much for him, and he has a bad shoulder so I really don't want him using the ring sling too much. What are the big advantages of mei tais -- do those of you with multiple carrier styles feel like they're a good addition to the pack, or should I maybe see how he likes the Ergo before seeking out another style? I'd be open to selling the Ergo (I like it, but I don't *love* it) in favor of a mei tai.

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Holy crow those woven wraps are expensive! I went to that Facebook group and some of them are over $300. Used! Definitely way the heck out of my wee budget.

Why are they so popular/expensive? Is it the fabric or a brand thing or what? (Thats a serious question) Some of those gals have about ten of them for sale.

Kitteh- my old ergo (7 years old) is vastly different from the new ones. It's like a clunky old model T compared to the zippy new race cars with fancy paint jobs that the newer ones are.

I just washed our Moby and its hanging on the line drying now. I can't tell you how excited I am to eventually be able to put this baby on my back by myself and GO. There's a few spots where my other kids gnawed on it and I think I'm going to have to cover the straps with some unchewed fabric, it's needing a new paint job anyway... Anyone else done this? Any thoughts or directions?
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Wrenmoon, $300 isn't even that much, I've seen handwoven wrap go for THOUSANDS of dollars. There is an "under $100" album that I frequent. Also Elleville wraps has crazy sales sometimes

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Wow. Maybe I need to take up weaving.
I don't begrudge any artist or crafts person being paid a fair wage by any means (both my parents are artists) but it is a shocking amount for a wrap that a baby is probably going to poop and throw up on at some point. I'm betting they are gorgeous.

So it's a handwoven fabric thing then. Ok, that makes more sense. I'm going to go find the under 100 album now.
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Hey ladies, there is a SoCal based company called PaxBaby that sells all sorts of carriers. There is even a rental-type program where you pay $30 for a two week trial of any of the different carriers. Then you get some sort of credit towards one you buy. There is also a gently used tab.
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Oh, and Harmonious, here is my baby in a Moby. The fabric just kinda naturally covers her face. And in the Ergo we use a hat. Here us us blueberry picking yesterday. [IMG]
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Moby pic didn't upload right. Here it is.
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Ps that's my husband in the Moby pic with the hairy beard. Just in case you thought it was me. He bounces her to sleep every night pretty much.
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So adorable!!

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Oh Chipi-she's really cute. Also, I'm sure you look just fine with a beard.
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Chipi - adorable photos. As I type this, my baby is in Moby and I am bouncing on exercise ball. It has been only way to get her to go to sleep the past few nights. Hopefully it is decent workout for me though I don't know what body part it would be working... 

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My daughter also won't sleep without bouncing on that ball, it's definitely part of our middle of the night routine, although I'm usually just holding her then. I tell myself it's working my biceps 😊
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