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That's so funny, I'm the opposite- hip scoot is what gave me hope for myself again...

Finished my pod today. There's a wee learning curve with wearing it, namely getting a good seat without also burying the baby's head- poor patient baby. I've been tryng to post a picture for half an hour with no success. Anyway I used contrasting thread and that wasn't a great idea, but other than that I like how it turned out, looking forward to trying it on with a non cranky baby.

Next is the table cloth Mei tai.

have you checked out babywearing on a budget for cheap convertible wraps? There's one there for $55!

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someone showed me this thread yesterday, and it made me laugh like a fool.  if you think you're the only one who can't get the hang of wrapping, you're wrong.  keep practicing!  (if you want to, that is.)  http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/showthread.php?53711-WORST-wrap-jobs-ever-*pics*-please!&highlight=worst


ETA  Rainbownurse is right, I forgot that you'd have to log in to see the photos.  I think it's worth signing up just for this thread!  but this is a great site anyway.

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^can't view unless you have an account

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Sorry I never saw that you guys replied to me! I can't get my hands high enough behind my back to wrap him! And he is such a wiggle worm.... I'm so jealous seeing all of you wrapping on your back successfully!
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Inlove, if you're on Facebook, join the "everyday babywearing" group. The mamas are awesome with video tutorials, tips, tricks, suggestions and troubleshooting. I went to my local babywearing group meet up and thought backwrapping was nuts/impossible. Then I joined this group and made a promise to myself to wrap once each day. Huge difference. You may simply have baby a bit too high and if you bounce him down a couple of inches, it could really click!
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on the back with the mei tei

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I signed up just to see the thread and it's worth it. Hysterical. 

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As much as I love the idea of being a wrap girl... I'm considering selling my stash and going full buckle sans my Marley that will be loved forever, even if its just a display piece. I'm been in back carry hell lately. I just can't get her up high enough and fast enough for her wiggliness. 

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how are you getting her up there? I found superman to be the best way to get him up way high

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@inconditus, I agree with rainbownurse - a superman toss can get their little heads right behind yours (which is probably too high for comfort, but they usually sink down a bit while you're wrapping!).  you could also try the Santa toss, which would let you get the seat made and the wrap pre-tightened a bit before you get her on your back.  that said, if you are able to get her on your back safely and happily in another carrier, more power to you!  and if you hold on to one of your wraps and decide later that you'd rather use it, you'll have the best of both worlds. 


as for us, we've been practicing our rucks!  today's was the best by far, and it only took a couple of minutes (as opposed to the five- and ten-minute long ordeals that often ended in a crappy wrap job anyway).  I found a more comfortable way to spread the wrap out across my chest and do a knotless finish, and it was great compared to the crazy thing I'd been doing.  I swear Oliver was happy up there, but I couldn't get him to smile for the camera.  :p


I'm also excited that my local babywearing group is having a "Wrap Geeks" meetup this Saturday - based on the Facebook chatter, there are going to be a lot of ladies and a lot of pretty wraps there!  and I bet the babies will be pretty cute too.  I'm hoping to try a shorty, and maybe a hemp wrap.  I can't afford to buy another right now, but there's always the hope of a nice tax return...



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The pod. And a view of the baby legs I made with some socks.
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neato!  looks comfortable.  so the straps flare out at the ends?  the waist looks nice and wide, too.  great job! 


and I've been wondering - any idea how much Rowan weighs now?  I loved the photo you added to the Shameless Cute Baby thread.  :)

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Originally Posted by rf1170 View Post

neato!  looks comfortable.  so the straps flare out at the ends?  the waist looks nice and wide, too.  great job! 

and I've been wondering - any idea how much Rowan weighs now?  I loved the photo you added to the Shameless Cute Baby thread.  smile.gif
Thank you!
It's basically a mei tai without the waist band- just a big square with straps. I made the straps pretty wide, about 13" and they are pleated to 4.5" at the blanket. Kind of like the pleats of a ring sling. You just tuck the blanket under their butts like a wrap but it's a lot easier for me to get a reliable seat and centered straps etc. They're not hard to make although I haven't found a really good tutorial that doesn't require some head scratching and deciphering of the instructions.

I have no idea how much Rowan weighs. He was 20# about six weeks ago and he's now starting to fit he smaller 12-18 month sizes. I'm betting he will slow down now since he's about to crawl. And our backs are breaking.
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that sounds like it would be great to use!  and I hope, for your sake, that he does slow down a bit.  though at least you can sack-of-potatoes him around when you need to.  better 20+ pounds on your back than in your arms.

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Looks awesome, wrenmoon!  


I found this today...it breaks down carries by which wrap size you need.  Super helpful.  I'm hoping to add some new sizes to my stash so I bookmarked this!



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Kalista, that seems like a great list.  I've been thinking of getting a shorter wrap, so I'm going to come back to this too.  have you seen the Shepherd's Carry?  I think you could probably do that with a 3, or perhaps even a 2 since you're petite. 

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Here is an attempt at a ruck. Viggo is too low. I keep trying.
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Why won't the pics load? Boo
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I can load pictures about once for every ten times I try. So frustrating!
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