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OOOhhh! That's gorgeous! I was thinking of doing teal too! I'm guessing they probably stripped it first since the fabric SEEMS to be pretty dark and I'm not sure how you could get it so vibrant. I still haven't gotten mine yet greensad.gif I checked amazon and it hasn't even been shipped. 
I'll try to pm you a screen shot I took of her instructions. It's from the dyed baby carriers group on Facebook if you're over there.
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i'ts here!!!!

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Omgoodness! Loooove it. Everything. The wrap colour way. The hood. The EARS! Gah. Love.
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she put on these amazing wooden buttons and the rings for the waist tie are this gorgeous bronze that matches SO WELL. OMG!!! 

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Rainbow has a rainbow !!!!
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Originally Posted by wrenmoon View Post

Rainbow has a rainbow !!!!

rainbow has many rainbows!! haha. 

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Gotta love the daddy-o who goes stump shooting with a baby in the ergo... smile.gif
Bringing back stumps for stump stew.
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Originally Posted by wrenmoon View Post

Gotta love the daddy-o who goes stump shooting with a baby in the ergo... smile.gif
Bringing back stumps for stump stew.

I'm assuming it's not tree stumps?

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Yep, tree stumps. He's target shooting and our family joke is that he's hunting stumps for our family. Sometimes he aims at clumps of dead grass too so we call it stumps and clumps for dinner.

I'm just always relieved when he doesn't bring a squirrel home for me to cook up. Yick. I mean, I'm glad for him to hunt for our food but I've seen a skinned out squirrel and there is nothing yum looking about it.
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wrenmoon, my husband's been shooting squirrels in our backyard with a BB gun!  I cleaned most of them since, between the two of us, I've done more butchering, but he did a couple as well.  I think they look like skinny rabbits.  I haven't cooked them yet, but I think I'm going to fry them and make some milk gravy.  have you eaten or cooked them?  any suggestions?

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I haven't eaten them but have been in the house soon after he cooked/ate them and I didn't smell too bad. I was pregnant so the whole thing chased me outta there- he pan seared with soy sauce I think and gravy. Some folks around here make red eye gravy to go with. I haven't had that either. I think I would use fresh ginger and soy sauce. Or maybe a stew.

They are pretty hard to get with a bow and DH has that mammalian meat allergy so we probably won't be getting any anytime soon.

Share your favorite recipe when you find it?
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And yeah, they do look like skinny rabbits.
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mammalian meat allergy?!  that's a kick in the dick for sure.  poor guy.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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I need to sell some wraps and a RS: I'm getting into minimalist mode. This is my Storch Leo I got for the summer (if it ever comes) and it's making me not reach for a bunch of the other pretties lol

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Finally finished my tablecloth mei tai pattern tester. Going to add padding and make the body a wee bit narrower on the next one.
Tree of Life here I come!!
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Love the tester! I just resorted to wearing Iris to induce her to take a nap (at 515-argh ). Yes, I know others do this all the time, but she had been fighting the crib baD lately, which is where I need her to sleep--especially for daycare. And now, I'm going to attempt to put her to bed when it's still light outside.
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Wrenmoon:  Tried to se how to message you privately but no luck.  I LOVE this bow and arrow pic w/baby riding on the back!  IF you have time, could you email me @ tccparenting@gmail.com ?  I am a Continuum Concept Consultant, requested by author of The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff's. 

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Alexsandra- I sent you a PM, can you get it? If not I will email too.
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Babywearing Public Service Announcement ... ... ...

The following items on the list are not recommended in combination.

*Clingy teething baby with the "teething" head cold and fever.
*Baby sneezing to clear his nose of congestion
*Back wearing.

End public service bulletin
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Oh is that it?smile.gif

I amhaving fun makibg more of these in my head to make myself feel better, feeling crazy but less alone, thanks. Must figure out what to do about poop on carpet , help? I was wwondering what the red bottom was and was way too generous being careful considering her fragile state lately. Teething=harder diaper changes, the leg on top isnt working anymore , what to do? ! I'm starting to feel like I have a little wilf cub who's getting ready to have teeth and will bite me. ....♥
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