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the rings are still a little low, but it we love it!

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Looks awesome! I don't have a ring sling but y'all are making them look appealing.
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this is a really good video for using ring slings that someone on my babywearing group shared

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Re: woven wraps. They're my favourite! Super versatile and fully adjustable (I can never get a good fit with soft structured carriers). Very comfortable. And pretty! Some are super expensive but not all!!

Re: mei Tais. We had a babyhawk and loved it. I sold it and totally regret it! My husband used it all the time! It's easier than a wrap but gives a better fit, I find. The downside is dealing with long straps that get on the ground when tying in public.
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 this was when mason was just 10 days old. We went to the street performers downtown :)


This was last week when we went peach picking with Mason 

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Ok baby wearing gurus... This here is the only position my son is happy in. He screams in every carrier I have put him in- knit moby, newborn carry and legs dangling, gauze moby, gauze wrap "sling"with rebozo knot, ergo with feet dangling not spread and front cross wrap. My left arm is toast and my back is killing me- I can do nothing all day and as a bonus he won't sleep anywhere but on my body.
So are there any magic wrapping techniques to suit this over the shoulder preference of my babe?. I'm learning there is a huge difference between carrying a baby all day and holding a baby all day. I'm about at my wits end, it has not been a good day today.
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Wrenmoon, can I post the picture and question on my babywearing FB group? they'll most likely have suggestions for you

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Try this wrenmoon. My baby is like yours, only carrying him over the shoulder calms him. But I wore him like she showed in the video, and he fell sleep!
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Rainbow, yes please, and thank you- he's six weeks if that makes a difference.

Inlove I'm off to watch right now. Thank you

My back and arm both thank you.
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Yayy, I have attained some mastery of the ring sling -- just in time, because it is warm here this week and the Moby was becoming a sweaty torture device. I ran errands with the baby in it yesterday and we took a walk today. The secret for us was definitely legs out, tummy-to-tummy carry. Basically the ring sling version of the video InLove posted. Legs out made such a difference!

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Holy shit my baby just fell asleep, NOT in my left arm. I had tried a different version of that cross carry earlier- same lady, but more cris-crossing front to back.
I have figured out that this kid really hates his arms being wrapped up. A symptom of being born with an arm next to his head, claustrophobia? Or maybe he's just my kid, I'm seriously claustrophobic about my arms.

Either way he got one arm out. That thing is not going in there. Needs an escape hatch maybe.
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Wren moon- YouTube search paxbabymom Declan's shoulder carry. It's with a ring sling! smile.gif
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So, they suggested something called a "burp carry", here's a video:

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Ok. So there are many things not right about this wrap job, loose places where there shouldn't be and he slid down under my chin pretty quick ... I have to practice obviously...
But. Take note. My left arm is NOT holding this baby. It's taking the picture (and quietly spasming and whimpering after a long day's work.)

My only question is that he doesn't like feet tucked up, does that mean I should be wrapping through his legs or is it ok just resting under his bottom like that? I'm going to try this with the moby tomorrow, when he's awake. That will be the real test.

Ladies, I can't thank you enough. You know how sometimes you just get into a crappy mindset and can't see a solution and so you despair that its always going to be horrible?
I can't believe it took me so long to ask for help. Thank you so much.
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His feet dot need to be tucked in the wrap. As long as he is in a seated position with knees higher than his bum, you're good!
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Anyone have an opinion on Sakura ring slings? I found one on Craigslist.
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I know I want one! But that's all I can offer. I did hear from the local baby wearing leader that their linen ones are the lightest weight sling you can get; which is why I might get one for my little heater of a girl.
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tuckered out after our walk:)
I cannot wait to buy a pretty wrap!
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I have one. I really like it. I'm still trying to master it but its way faster than a moby and much cooler as well.
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Originally Posted by Ruheling View Post

Anyone have an opinion on Sakura ring slings? I found one on Craigslist.
I have One and really like it. See above post. wink1.gif
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