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Intro and am I freaking out for no reason?

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Hi all!  I just found out I am preggo with baby #3. I have two boys ages 7 and 2.5.  My EDD is April 21.  I had a miscarriage before my second child so I know what to look for but every pregnancy is so different that I can't help but be paranoid!  My birth center appt. isn't until Sept. 19 but leading up to my missed pregnancy I was having brown discharge which I usually get before my regular period bleeding.  When no regular period bleeding came I took the test and it was positive, plus I could tell by the way my abdomen was feeling (like I did a ton of ab exercises!).  So this was Thursday when I got my positive test.  Today I have had some brown and in some cases brownish red mucusy discharge.  I am trying not to be paranoid but I can't help but worry since I have miscarried before in between healthy pregnancies.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I've had no cramping (aside from my own anxious stomach) and there is really nothing on my pantyliner.  I see it when I wipe.

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Atmommy- welcome to our DDC! smile.gif
sorry to hear about the spotting and that you're worrying. Sometimes spotting is perfectly normal and fine (a lot of women have had it and go on with regular pregnancies) and sometimes as you know it is a sign somethings wrong. Did you call your birth center and tell them your spotting? I would ask to speak to a midwife and tell her exactly what you're experiencing. It may be nothing, but it's best to look into it. I'll be praying for you and hope everything goes well!
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I bled throughout my first (and only) pregnancy. I have a beautiful daughter to show for it. It ranged from brown tinged discharge to dark red blood in the toilet (and everything in between). As you know, it can be the start of bad things, but it can also just be completely normal. There's no real reassurance other than time. I'm going through it again this pregnancy, and I understand it is always upsetting. I would give your midwife/birth center a call just to let them know what's going on. They will tell you what they want you to be on the lookout for. I always knew what they were going to say, but sometimes hearing a professional say it made me feel a bit better. I hope everything turns out ok. 

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Yeah, I agree about calling your birth center. I'm not a big fan of excessive ultrasounds, but in this case, it seems like it might be helpful to try to see the heartbeat. Good luck!

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Atmommy- how are you doing?
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Thanks all. Unfortunately, I had to get blood work because it was too early for a heartbeat. I got confirmation on Monday that my levels dropped from 14 on Wednesday to 5 on Friday. We are disappointed but we will try again and believe that when the time is right it will happen. I remember a friend telling me that she had a miscarriage in between each of her healthy pregnancies. I desperately did not want to be that person but I have grieved and will keep my head up. Thank you all for the support that I needed from other mamas!!
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Sorry to hear that, mama.

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Im sorry atmommy. :( 

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So sorry to hear that! I hope you get your rainbow baby soon.
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Thank you! My second is our first rainbow baby. Now we'll be patient for our next rainbow baby!
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