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I left a review for the Melissa and Dough Wooden Abacus.

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Right now my favorite organizational tool are those closet sweater organizers- lined up on the floor against the wall for toys and puzzles, and hanging up labeled for each day of the week so that I can sort and prep homeschooling materials ahead of time.

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I agree setting things out the night before helps a lot. Also having a nightly routine helps things go smoothly in the morning.
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I am a kindergarten teacher and mother of 4 - my best advise is to stay involved, stay connected, and to never underestimate the value of sleep!

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Our school does not have a/c, so during these really hot weeks I put the boys Capri sun drinks in the freezer. When I make their lunches I throw it in their bag. By the time they have lunch it's defrosted enough to drink but still has ice to keep in cool.
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My daughter just started preschool and my tip is to get everything ready the night before
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This is our first year home schooling. So far so good. I went with oak meadow, so i just read a few weeks ahead and plan everything out in advance, my son is very schedule oriented and wants to know what time and for how long everything is happening. So advanced planning works best for us. But we still adjust everything if random learning opportunities come up.
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Get to know your child's teachers very early in the year!

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Last day for entries is Monday, September 9th. All you have to do is post to this thread with a useful tip to earn an entry. Read my post to learn how you can add more entries and increase your chances of winning!

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Hmmm... I guess my best tip for back-to-school tip would be to have good, home cooked meals, even when there's no time to cook them!


Every week or so, I spend a few hours cooking multiple foods... Meats, sides, even desserts. I do this in large amounts, like 2 family size packages of chicken thighs, 3 meat loaves, ten pounds of potatoes, etc.. I then freeze everything into single portions. This way, when there's no time to cook, I just look in the freezer, and grab some precooked chicken, a baked potato, and veggies, pop it in the microwave, and I have real food in minutes! It is much cheaper because it is bought in large amounts and healthier than prepackaged foods because it does not contain all of the salt and preservatives.

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My favorite tip is, start practicing your morning school routine a few weeks before school starts. That way your child is already used to waking up and getting ready early! 

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I reviewed Click n Kids

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Reviewed the M&B fruit cutting kit

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Also reviewed the M&B magnetic letter set!

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I have a PreK student and 1st grader this year and we have a large woven basket near where they do art/homework that is a drop off zone for their backpacks.  The girls know to take their lunchboxes out of the backpack, place it next to the sink for me to wash up, take out papers/folders from the backpack and leave the backpack in the basket.  The basket fits with our decor (I like things to look pretty AND be functional, thank you TJ Maxx!) which works for me, the backpacks don't end up all over the house, and everyone has what they need where they need it for preparation for the next day.  I also have a little magnetic folder on the refrigerator that notes home from the teacher go in (like a mailbox for me) so I know what I need to review and either send back with the girls to school or file into our family binder.  These are simple things that so far seem to help control the chaos.

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Just posted in an email to some moms I know.

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What helps our homeschool run well is a set morning routine.
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