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One thing that helped for a little while with our oldest in preschool was letting her get dressed before eating breakfast instead of waiting until after.  This gave her some time to wake up before eating and that was what she needed at the time.  She also liked that she was mature enough to be trusted with eating in her good clothes.

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A checklist for the morning routine helped my kindergarten son get ready all by himself in the mornings. This was huge considering we were starting public school after a year of total freedom all day everyday. Still on the fence regarding public schooling. May go back to homeschooling next year. Also, prepping the night before is so required in this family.
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I just have to remember that everyone learns at their own pace because it brings me back down to earth when I feel like we should be learning something in particular. My motto during these impatient times is "they're only little once". It seems to really keep me grounded and keeps learning fun
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As a mom of a teen who can pack her own lunches, I involve her in making the grocery list shortly before school starts. That way I know there will be plenty of healthy choices that she can pack for lunch, and that they are things she'll actually eat.


I also need to make her room a technology-free zone after 10 pm.  If not, she will be up all night texting or face-booking her boyfriend, and then will sleep through classes the next day.

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Although we homeschool, I pack lunches for the whole family every night. That way can be confident that everyone is getting nutritious meals and we can take them anywhere we go throughout the day.
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and I shared it, too!

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This is my son's first time going to school all day every day. He feels things deeply and can feel easily overwhelmed. In the evenings I give him a massage with oil and then put him in a warm bath before bed. He sleeps more deeply and seems to go into his morning with more confidence.
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Sent it to a parenting thread and FB:)
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Today is the last day for entries! If you have not yet posted your entry to this thread or want to earn more chances to win by posting a review do so today!! Just read my first post to this thread on how to participate. Our winner will be by random draw so in addition to your post here and sharing the contest, placing reviews will give you as many multiple entries as you wish. The more reviews you post to our Education Reviews section the more chance to win!

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We always try to ensure that we have all our food including breakfast packaged and prepared the night before for an easy morning. All outfits picked out and ready to go too

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I sent emails to my contact list in Hotmail.

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My best tip is to start preparing for the next day right after dinner dishes are cleared and cleaned up.  Lunches can be made and stored in the fridge, clothes laid out for the next day, permission slips signed, homework checked.  Then you'll have some time for a game of cards, wrestling, or just some talking time before heading to bath, pajamas, and a story before bed.  Keeping a steady rhythm that everyone can count on really does wonders for your sanity!  


And once the school year starts, we are immediately so busy that I have to practice saying NO.  My kids and I just don't make every birthday party, school event, or other happenings.  We prioritize commitments and we miss out on some things; and that's okay!  No movies on school nights, no play dates on school days (usually); the kids are so tired and overstimulated after school, they all need some down time.  


Keep breakfast simple: oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or a smoothie and toast.  

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With a 1 and 2 year old, full-time school isn't really on the agenda yet. However, with the coming of fall we tend to get out to school oriented play groups more often. That means everything has to be relatively organised otherwise we won't leave the house on time to be there. I am the most disorganised of mothers, I spend lots of time searching for ways to simplify the clutter. My game plan this year is to have cut up veggies always in the fridge, home-made soup frozen in the freezer, a packed lunch kit with snacks, stainless steel bottles full of water and a meal plan. Then we will just grab things and go without the excuses.

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Thank you all for the wonderful ideas and tips! 


We reviewed all the entries and reviews placed, totaled the entry points for each participant and drew our three winners. They are:






Each of you will receive one of these prize packages valued at $160.00: 

  • One custom-designed, ecofriendly, handmade tshirt from GWear
  • One The Adventuring Set from HomeGrown Books
  • One personalized lunchbox from I See Me
  • One gift coupon to create your own eco-friendly photo book from Artifact Uprising

Congratulations to you all and a huge thanks to our sponsors GWear, HomeGrown Books, and Artifact Uprising!

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Wow, awesome! I feel like a lucky lady right now!!
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