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4 year old and pull ups at night

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Ladies, the cost of pull ups is KILLING ME.  My DD has been potty trained FOREVER, but still has a night time accident maybe 3 times a month. So she wears pull ups (we are cloth diaper-ers but found that about a year ago her bladder was just tooo powerful to the dipes, so we switched over).  I would like to transition her OUT of pull ups, but right now, she goes to bed in her bed, and gets into ours around 3-4 am.  I'm not super thrilled about the idea of her peeing in our bed 3 times a month (even with the pull ups it leaks a little) Since that involves washing our sheets and pillows and 2 big fluffy comforters, instead of just her minimal bedding. 

SO I need help.


 DH thinks she is too little for us to reasonably expect her not to have night time accidents, and wants to find a way to keep her in her bed till sunrise, then she can get in ours and snuggle. 


I think its more likely that she will be sneaking into our bed till she is like, 15 (ok, slight exaggeration) and we need to just figure out the night time peeing. 


We are also about to have babe number two (41 weeks and counting) So I understand that, um, now is NOT the time to change something OR create more laundry, god no. But I am trying to think ahead and I hate buying pull ups. (we do re-use them till they wear out, but still)

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I haven't been there but what about getting her to go potty before she gets into bed with you? It seems like she's very close to being dry all the time and you seem aware of when she climbs into bed with you.
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How old is she? I've had a rule forever that you've got to go pee before you sneak into my bed. They've followed it since about 3-4.  It takes repetition, but it did work for us. 

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Im in the same spot with our 3.5 yo. It was at its worst during my pregnancy. As soon as baby brother was born and the stress of the pregnancy started to pass she got WAY better overnight. She was out of them altogether for a month+. She's had a couple of accidents since and is back in pull ups, but maybe your dd will be the same way and wet a bit less once the baby is born? There's always a chance!
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 My four year old wears a nighttime pull up to bed. 21 come in a pack. That's eight or nine dollars for three weeks.  I just bought a cup of coffee and a danish for five bucks so nine dollars for three weeks of not cleaning up pee seems like nearly nothing and so worth it to me.

I think that anything you do now will change as soon as the baby comes so I would wait it out.

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Another vote for the "pee before coming into the big bed" rule. We do that w/our 4 year old DS, but he needs reminders (if we're woken when he comes in, which isn't always).
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We just got our son nightime potty trained about 3 months ago and he turned 5 last week. Hubby made a big effor to wake up twice during the night and take him to the potty to pee and then back to bed. About two weeks of consistently do this worked and he is fully nightime trained. It's to the point now tat he can wake up and go and then back to bed on his own.


Certainly with a new baby on the way, that may be harder but it may be worth a shot.

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