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time three... I need a refresher

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I am due with number three, but it's been 7.5 years since my last one! I've forgotten the details of recovery and could use a refresher. 


I would like to return to work two days a week one week after my c/s. I'd pump and leave the baby with DH. Does this seem doable? One doctor said that the chances of the incision opening is quite low a week later, but that the pain may be hard to manage. What other concerns could there be? 


Thanks for any help!

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What is the nature of the work you intend to go back to?
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Teaching. I'd have to stand for about 4.5 hours. 

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I would have found that very difficult after only a week. Is there any way you could have some more time off?
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I found getting in the car and getting out and walking to my office very painful at one week and could do nothing the next week.  I think if you push it in the early stages you are looking at a longer recovery.  I would do absolutely nothing for 2 weeks (or 3 if possible) and then you would be fine.  And by nothing I mean no stairs, to lifting etc.


If a guy had his appendix out he would not be expected back to work in a week - you are having a baby out you should not be expected back in a week.

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I'm not really expected to be back, but I don't want to take off the whole semester. I'm afraid it would be all or nothing. Good jobs are hard to come by right now!  I just got a much better position about a month and a half before I found out I am preganant! 

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I had a huge gush of lochia 8 days pp because I tried to do too much too soon. You body needs time to heal and your baby needs to be with you more than just one week.  I truly hope your employer refuses to allow you back for at least a solid month.  At the very least, perhaps you are a candidate for vbac, perhaps not, but if so, the recovery would be much quicker and easier.  Either way, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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A week after my c-section, I was still periodically crashing. I was up and moving, I wasn't bleeding a ton, and I was handling pain by alternating Motrin and Tylenol, but every few hours o would just get really sleepy. Falling asleep in mid-conversation, nable to stay awake kinds of sleepy. My baby was in the nicu and I was discharged from hospital, so I didn't really have the option of staying in bed, but I'd wind up napping in the recliner by dd's crib. The nurses were not enthused about kangaroo care that week, and in retrospect, I think they were gently trying to say they were really worried about me dropping the baby. They were also less then thrilled about me driving.

The doctor's opinion at that point was that pain is tiring (even when you're "managing" it) and healing takes energy.

Also, digestive processes were really shockingly painful at that point. There's technical tmi if you want, but needing to poop five days post c/s I s the worst pain I can recall feeling. Labor did not make me want to scream curse words. It was brief, but I was gald I didn't have to try and act professional.

By two or three weeks, I felt better and could do more. Surely one of the benefits of planned c-section is you can arrange some guest lectures?
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I would really urge you to find another solution.  I sympathize with the dilemma of worrying it may be all or nothing as far as the semester goes.  Have you tried speaking with your employer about your options?  My recovery after my third C-section was definitely the easiest of the three, but it was no walk in the park!  I went home from the hospital not even 48 hours after my daughter was born which made me feel like a rock star.  I was up and around and doing things for myself, but I still needed to sit or lie down for most of the day.  I tried cooking dinner about a week post partum and about 30 minutes in I was in a lot of pain and breaking into a cold sweat.  I thought since I was basically just standing there and mainly moving my arms that I'd be just fine.  I definitely underestimated the effect of small, upper body movements on my core.  At about 10 days post partum I tried going to the mall for a little Christmas shopping and after only 45 minutes ended up with a lot of renewed bleeding, pain, and my incision started oozing again.  So even though I kept thinking I was up for things, my body just wasn't ready.  It needed time to heal.  After the shopping incident, I parked myself back in bed for a few days and things went much better after that.  I would urge anyone having a C-section to find any possible way to stay home for at least 3 to 4 weeks.  Longer if it's the first one.

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Both of my c-section recoveries were pretty easy, but I definitely could not have been going back to work after only a week. I don't recall exactly what I did after the first (11 years ago), but after the second (5 years ago) I remember that I pretty much stayed in bed for two solid weeks. I did nothing but snuggle and nurse the baby, with occasional trips to sit in the living room. (I think that was like twice the whole two weeks.) After the first two weeks, I think I went back to light duties around the house, but still mostly sitting (because I was caring for a newborn, and that was mostly sitting around holding him).
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