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UC with a "big baby"?

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Hi everyone, first time poster in this forum.


I'm 38 weeks today with my first and have been planning a homebirth with midwives.  Everything has been fine with my pregnancy except that I have gained a lot of weight (though 1 hr glucose test and all my labs have been normal).  I've also had some pain in my pelvis due to relaxin making everything stretch.  


Anyway, my midwives emailed me today saying that their backup physician saw that I had gained more than 50 lbs and he considers me 'high risk,' which the midwives were surprised by, as my pelvis is good, baby is in good position, I'm tall, etc.  But the law states I need to have an ultrasound to check, yet I read that late-term ultrasounds are often incorrect and cause unneeded c-sections.


I really don't want a c-section or even to go to the hospital (I just don't like doctors in general, espcially for something that should be natural).  I also know a women who was using my midwives; she transferred b/c labor stalled and she had this backup doctor, and she found him very rude and inconsiderate of her birthplan.  I don't even want to get this ultrasound but I have a feeling that if I want to stay with my midwives I have to.


My husband has always wanted to do UC, and though I never really considered it (b/c we have midwives), now I am.  My question is if you all think this is a great enough risk to not have a UC?  I have an appt with one of the midwives tomorrow so I guess I'll see what my options are then.



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I had a hospital birth w/ my first; I'm not terribly tall, 5'7", but I did gain 60 lb., though there was nothing wrong w/ my levels either. He took up to 43 weeks to finish & came out at 7 lbs. exactly in a drug/ intervention free natural (albeit very uncomfortable labor, confined to the bed by the monitor). I probably could have UC'd but we were military & figured free ninety free from the hospital was a good price.

That being said, labor took me by surprise as well as my reactions to it. I was animalistic, making all of these laboring nests in different rooms to cope before we left for hospital at my MIL's urging over the phone. Your story will be completely different than mine, but I wanted to give you my similar stats & may I say, I'm impressed w/ your husband! Mine needed to see 3 natural births before wanting UC. Also, get the scan if you'd be more comfortable w/ the midwives. Ultrasounds don't cause cesareans, your signature on the dotted line does. You have autonomy!

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I gained 65 with my first. Normal, healthy birth with a good sized baby, 8lbs, 10oz, but no problem pushing or anything. He was born in a ospital with a midwife who was obsessed with my weight gain in a very negative way.

I don't weigh myself anymore. IMO maternal weight gain is not important. It sounds like you are having a normal pregnancy.

Like Voondrop said, you can get the ultrasound and decide what to do afterwards. That said, if it is true that UC is something you have in mind, you might open yourself to the possibility and realize it is a good choice for you. Remember, UC is an option even if you have midwives still willing to attend, a choice you can reserve to make or not make during labor. You might want to prepare for it in any case. Best wishes!
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I haven't uc'ed but 50 lbs was my normal and I actually gained 80 with my last, ob said nothing, no gd, and she was one of my smaller babies @ 8lbs.

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I wouldn't let the weight gain worry you (unless there are actual other problems stemming from it). Have the u/s if you desire. If you can stay with your midwives then that will be an open option for you. If they are forced to turn their care over, then UC'ing seems like a reasonable choice, too. Either way follow your intuition about what will work best for you. The fact that your husband is so supportive seriously helps SOOOO much.
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I didn't UC, but I gained 50 pounds too (and I'm a skinny mini, like 5'8" and 110 lbs). I ended up vaginally delivering a 9 lb 6 oz baby boy with about a metric ton of fluid. Easiest birth ever, just 3 hours. Second degree tear, but I was up dancing around with my baby a couple of hours after feeling great. Totally could have UCed no problem. Oh and I DID do the ultrasound since I was so huge and overdue, they not only understimated his size by almost two pounds, but failed to notice holes in his heart. It's a judgement call, but it sounds to me that you'd be fine on your own.
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Thank you so much everyone. :)


We're planning on having the ultrasound Friday and just seeing what he says.  I talked to my midwives today and they think I'm fine (blood pressure, glucose, iron, strep, etc. is all good), and that my pelvis is large and that I'm measuring normally, but that it is up to this doctor and his first priority is liability.


So I think we will try UC if need be, we have a doula friend who could probably be there too, and transfer if we have to.  I have Ina May's guide to Childbirth, and I know there are neonatal resuscitation videos on Youtube...but I'm kind of lost in terms of how to prepare/what to know.  We do have a homebirth kit so we have some supplies.

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My babies have all been big, and I'm sure this one will be also. I'm 35 weeks and plan to UC him.
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I gained at least 50 lbs with my first, I have absolutely no idea why that alone would make you high risk.  Just my two cents.

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"Big baby" is one of the most common threats OB's use to scare mom's into C-sections.  They want to give the ultrasound to substantiate the supposed "risk" in your mind.   Ultrasound can be off by up to 2 lbs either way... I have heard from women personally, a misdiagnosis of over 4 lbs via ultrasound- (someone had to be seriously missing that day.)  I also had that threat with my first 2 babies.  The first was 7lbs7oz.  The 2nd baby that the doctor was just SO sure was significantly larger and gestated a whole month longer was only 7lbs 8oz.  My 3rd baby who I had UC with midwife back-up was 9lbs.  It is critical that you avoid the first C-section if possible because it will pigeon hole you in the medical community and make it much harder for you to birth vaginally later on- not to mention the loss of confidence it gives you in subsequent births.  Not to mention a lot of side effects and other problems that come with sections... but anyway.  Not all midwives are created equal.... if it were me, I would consider hiring a homebirth midwife that believed in my ability to birth.  If possible, find a midwife that is comfortable with UC and use her as back-up or to phone during labor if you have questions, etc.  The nice thing about that is, when you're filled with self doubt (often happens in transition) a good midwife will be able to tell you whether you have a true emergency worthy of transferring for.... on the other hand, if you can't locate/hire someone you trust, you are better off attempting to birth at home on your own.  The hospital will always be there for you if you need them, but sadly, you can't take back a normal, peace-filled birth once you get there.

Blessings for a beautiful birth,

Lori ~

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The officia ACOG recommendations for c/s due to big baby are bigger than 10.5 lbs if you have diabetes, or bigger than 11 or 11.5 lbs (?) without diabetes. So officially it is unlikely you would even meet THAT criteria.
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Hi, I have GD and also gained 60lbs. I ended up having an extremely large baby. It was my first hb and my daughter weighed 11lb 6oz. She was a scary shoulder dystocia. By God's grace,she survived, but her apgars were 0/2. She was blue, not breathing, and took over 5 min to have good tones. I tore very badly and nearly died. Big babies can be very dangerous, so I wouldn't scoff at the guidelines ACOG recommends. Hindsight is 20/20. If I could go back in time, I would rather have a c/s than put my baby and myself at risk. 

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If the baby does not show to be big on the ultrasound would you still be able to have a midwife-assisted homebirth?


I gained 40ish pounds and my baby was only 7 pounds, 3 ounces.

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Just my personal experience but my HBAC (w/ a totally hands off midwife) if a 10lb 1 oz baby (no GD) was easier than my UC-BAC of a 8lb 14oz baby last week. Had nothing to do with midwife vs. UC or size. I'd say positioning had a lot more to do with ease of birth than size ever does! All my babies are "big" by normal standards... Over 8 lbs, but that is "normal" for me and my body. And yes all the U/S estimates were off for all 4 of my kids!

There was a study that showed that a mother's guess of the baby's size was just as accurate as U/S. Second time mothers being more accurate than first timers but the first time moms were still just as close as U/S!
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I had a UC with my 9lb 1oz baby last month. That's not REALLY big, but it's larger than many. It went perfectly smooth.
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