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Absolutely! "Scratch" has many meanings though, such as pulling a home-cooked meal from the freezer, or eating something produced
during my Saturday "Food Factory" sessions, such as a huge tossed salad that will last a few nights.
*Plan your dinner menu and make your grocery list from that.
*Cook more than you need for one meal. Leftovers work well for lunches and leftover veggies go nicely in an omelette, fritatta or stir-fry.
*It's so easy to double or triple a recipe and pop some in the freezer.
*Crock pots help busy moms, too!
*Stock your pantry with extra canned beans, salsa, broth, nuts, frozen veggies. Basics that can be turned into a meal in a flash.
*Start a pot of soup in the morning and let simmer while you go about your day.



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Hi! I hate meals that come in packages and canes. That is not food to me. It happened to us (me and my husband) that during a busy week end up eating foods with little preparation (like pizza, empanadas, sandwiches, etc), and it only takes a few days of eating like that to make me feel sick and craving a salad, a steak, some roasted chicken, a home-made pasta, anything simple.

My husband does the cooking at home, and he is very good at it. We have italian and spanish background so we eat a lot of mediterranean-like food (a lot of salads, olive oil, etc), we have most our meats grilled, roasted or in the oven. We have salad with every meal, I love different types of lettuce and ruccula.

I wouldn't reccomend switching to frozen meals (unless they are your own) because everything that comes in a package has ingredients that are unhealthy and artificial.

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Wow, anablis, I'm impressed at how nutritiously you and your husband eat.


I just popped in to say that maybe when some of the other posters say "frozen meals", they are talking about a meal that you make, like in a 9 x 13 pan for example, and then freeze. I've done that with Ground Beef Spiral Bake and Shepherd's Pie. The night before we're going to eat it, I thaw it in the fridge, and bake it before we eat it. (If that isn't what anyone else meant, then never mind, but maybe this is a healthier meaning of "freezer meal".)

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