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Bug Repellent/General Camping Advice?

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Have any mamas out there taken their babies camping?  We're planning on taking Sadie on a (very non-rustic) camping trip for three days over Labor Day weekend and I want to make sure we're prepared.  It seems like everyone has a different opinion on babies and bug spray - what are your thoughts?  Any other advice re: camping with an almost-4-month-old?

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We took Sander camping about a month ago.  Not super rustic either.  We have a tent trailer.


Bug spray: I would suggest looking for some natural options as opposed to Off or the like.  I bought these bracellets that act to repell bugs using essential oils and they work quite well. You could also try the clip on route, or some type of area bug repelling system.  I don't know how safe they are or how well they work.  Haven't tried it myself.


Other camping tips...For us the baby carrier is key.  Also, warm jammies and lots of options for layers.  Are you going to have power?  If not, this is a great App if you have an iphone to use as a baby monitor. You only need one iphone and then it can call any other phone number (another cell phone or a land line).  You can set the sensitivity, you can record your voice, etc.  DH and I have used it on several camping trips for DS1 as well as this most recent one and we even use it at my parents house since they don't have a baby monitor.


If you don't co-sleep or arent' comfortable cosleeping for your camping trip then you may want a pack n play or bassinette for babe.  We just co-sleep.


Otherwise I'd say that it is easier to camp with a little baby than a baby who is at that crawling age.  They get so dirty and you are constantly trying to keep rocks and twigs and pinecones out of their mouths when they are around 10-14 months (or so I found with DS1!) where the little babes are just happy to be held!  If you want to be able to put Sadie down, then all you need is a good picnic type blanket or to bring her stroller or a bouncy chair and she will stay where you set her down!


Have fun!

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Quest had a great time canoeing. We found this swimsuit with a hood at target. It's a 6 month but did the job. Remember good sun protection.
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