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Birthing centers

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Does anyone know where the closest birthing centers would be from Birmingham al? I would like to have a water birth just not at home... I have miscarried before and want to make sure I am close to a hospital if something were to happen during delivery.
I do want a midwife and a doula and I am willing to travel. Any suggestions? I want a place that is highly recommended with great people working there, not a hospital where your just another patient. smile.gif thanks in advance!
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I'm guessing your closest options would be either The Farm in TN or Atlanta Medical Center and the midwives from Intown Midwifery in Atlanta. Alabama doesn't have a ton of birth options, unfortunately. Actually, maybe there is a hospital in Montgomery or Huntsville that's started doing waterbirths??
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Thanks! Yeah I have looked into The Farm and loved what I've read online. I haven't checked into anything in Atlanta yet so I'll have to check into that. I think there is a hospital in Huntsville and Montgomery that work with midwives but I haven't found anything saying they do water births. But i just found out that there may be one in Dothan, al that does so I'll have to go check! Thanks for the help! smile.gif
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