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6 month check ups!

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Since many of us are  reaching this point, I figured it would be fun to check in....


we are doing pretty good!  Ds is sitting up assisted and can sit up unassisted, kinda leaning forward balancing on his hand.  He is moving tons, rolling and dragging himself all around like a caterpillar.  He has 3 teeth (all on the bottom).  He has tried some foods, mostly pieces of fruit to suck on.  He doesn't seem ready for chunks on his tray yet.


He weighed 9 lbs, 6 oz and was 20.5 inches at birth (95% for weight, 80% for length)


Now he is 18 lbs, 10 oz and 28 inches long (55% for weight, 90% for length)


Photos of him first born and now....




How is everyone else doing?  

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I love this thread!


I've been lurking as much as I can but really can't manage the time to post very often these days, but the baby is sleeping so I'm going to try to squeeze in a post. DD is a thriving little busy bee! She is bursting with energy at all times and spends all her time lunging from one object to another in order to maximize how many things she gets to touch/play with/put in her mouth. It's adorable but kind of exhausting. She's still doing the drag crawl but she has mastered it now so she gets her toes involved while pulling with one arm and reaching with the other. I'm starting to think that she might skip normal crawling altogether since she's starting to try to get up on her feet all the time now, which essentially results in a lot of downward-facing dog.


She now wakes up with the sun as well, which is actually the worst thing ever and I hope it's just a phase that goes away - like, yesterday. Two teeth, enthusiastically eating berries and fruit/veg purees, and is generally a big goofball who laughs at everything.


8lbs, 7oz, 20"... I think. Maybe 21


At her 24 week appointment (two weeks ago) she was 17lbs, 10oz, 26.5"








Love this little girl so crazy much!

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Just have to say how darn cute she is!!!!

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Such cute babies and my they are growing up way to fast.
Little guy is trying hard to keep up with his older siblings, he is now sitting unassisted. The other day I gave him a bath in the big tub and he was just sitting there splashing the water, did have to sometimes hold him because he got so excited, lol.
He loves eating and so far likes all the foods we have trialed. He is on the move but scooting and rolling all over the place, so we have to make sure the other kids pick up everything they play with.
He wakes up 1-2 times a night to nurse but usually falls right back to sleep. No teeth yet but he has been chewing on everything in sight.


Then: 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches



Now: 18lbs 6oz and 27 inches

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So darn cute!  Where did you get that hat.... I must have one!



Now: 18lbs 6oz and 27 inches

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My mom send it from Germany. I'm pretty sure H&M here had it too, they always have the cutest hats with bear ears.

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Just got back from our 6-month checkup, where Miss L said "Hey!" and waved to absolutely everyone she saw, including the two dudes on the elevator, LOL.  We are counting that (she's been doing it for almost a week), along with "Mama," as words, since she only uses them in the correct contexts.  Sitting up unassisted (only occasionally falling over), reaching and grabbing, standing while holding on for up to a minute, etc.  She has rolled over both ways for months, but has very little interest in anything resembling crawling right now, AFAICT.  She seems to be an upright kinda gal-- always has been, really.  4 teeth!  Bottom middle and top lateral incisors...  I don't think they gave her much trouble.  (I mean, sure, she drooled and drools and chewed and chews, but she's a baby.  No coinciding fussiness AFAICT.)  Has liked every food she has tried (all solid BLW pieces)-- mango, sweet potato, peaches, apple and broccoli.     


Then-- 6 lbs, 6 oz and 19.5 (or 20.5?) inches long....  about 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height, IIRC.




Now-- 16 lbs even and 27 inches long, about 55th percentile for weight and ~90th (at least 80th?) for height (for breastfed girls).






That's grandma in the first two recent photos.


DH and I always joked we would have a tall and skinny kid (we're 5'2" and 5'5" and both stocky/curvy/muscular).  We may have been right!

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We had our check up two weeks ago. She was 15 lbs 3 oz and hmm don't remember length. 26 something I think. She's been 50th percentile in weight her whole life. I think her length was in the 70s.

She's rolling and pushing her butt up to try and move around. She can worm her way around pretty good but no crawling yet. Still needs a bit of help to sit up too. She likes standing. Instead of jumping she does this funny tap dance and stares at her feet while she does it. So cute.
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The big 6 month check up for us was yesterday (though we're still a week away from officially being 6 months old). He's nearly 20 lbs! 



Birth: 7lbs 12oz, 22"


6 months 19lbs 15oz, 27"

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typebug, he's such a cutie!


we just had our 6 month appointment this morning, even though she's almost 7 months (on the 18th).

she was 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth, and is now 16 pounds 3 ounces. she's also 28"+ long. 











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Chris had his 6 month checkup last week. 


He weighed in at 23lbs and is 30.5" long

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Originally Posted by akemi View Post

Chris had his 6 month checkup last week. 

He weighed in at 23lbs and is 30.5" long

Nice work mama smile.gif
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